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Volvo to Electrify Every Car from 2019

6 Jul , 2017  

Volvo has announced that every car from 2019 will have an electric motor. This sees the end of the internal combustion engine and Volvo being the first major manufacture to make the bold switch. Volvo will release a range of electrified cars with a mixture of fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid cars.  Five fully […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Electric Cars

1 Jun , 2017  

Many people think electric cars are a new concept, but in fact, they have been around for nearly two centuries. Buyers have always preferred petrol and diesel, but in these budget-conscious times, electric cars are making a comeback. By 2027, the government has stated half of all new cars manufactured will be battery powered, so […]

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Toyota Prius Review 2017

20 May , 2017  

Toyota’s Prius is loathed by petrol heads across the globe. Blamed for being an appliance, and single handily killing any enjoyment driving brings, it’s had a rough start in life. And yet the Prius is loved by minicab drivers the world over, with fleets of Prii’ (Prius plural) battering the streets of my hometown daily. […]

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Volkswagen Reveal I.D. Buzz Concept

9 Jan , 2017  

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz concept has been revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Volkswagen have managed to turn its iconic camper van into a high-tech electric vehicle. The I.D. Buzz will come in all-wheel drive with electric motors for both axles. It’ll have an output power 374 PS and can reach […]

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Ford to Electrify Transit, Mustang and F-150 by 2020

4 Jan , 2017  

Ford have announced plans to introduce electrified vehicles such as a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van in Europe, hybrid versions F-150 pickup and Mustang in the US. There’s also plans to launch a fully electric SUV a range of at least 300 miles which will be sold globally Ford are investing $700 million to expand […]

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BMW 330e Review – The future of motoring

5 Nov , 2016  

When I first received the 330e to test for a week I was pondering the purpose of a plug in hybrid. Why would you plug your car into the mains when it has a perfectly good 2 litre turbo charged petrol engine up front?! I had thought to myself that I wouldn’t bother plugging it in […]

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Renault ZOE Review – The concept car you can drive

18 Oct , 2013  

Renault have waited a long time to break into the EV market properly, and boy are we glad they did! We recently tested the Zoe in top of the range Dynamique Zen spec. Starting at £15,195 (after government rebate) ours had a few extras, bringing the total up to £16,250. However, there is now a […]

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