Carwitter.com is an independant waffle free, car news, review & motorsport site.

We won’t babble on about our father’s Hornby train set, and how that relates to the latest car we are reviewing, nor will we have long meandering introductions that you read and wonder ‘how on earth this is car related?!’

In this fast paced, social media culture; we believe short and sweet is better. People want to know what is good; what is bad and that’s it. This is what Carwitter aims to do.

Carwitter has transformed vastly since its inception. We now have a ‘Team‘ of contributors that write for free in order to develop their writing abilities, learn how CMS systems work and to use the site as a showcase to gain freelance work, or paid positions within what is a very tough industry to break into.

Our writers often attend international car launches, motoring events and regional driving days representing Carwitter. All valuable experience that would normally take a good few years to gain if going it alone.

Being totally independent means we need to make money to keep the site running, in that regard we take on advertorial features and placed articles. These will always be marked as ‘advertorial’ or linked to our disclaimer. We try to keep the site as ad-free as possible, as we believe this detracts from the readers experience.

We don’t have any big backers and aren’t owned by a group of investors. Carwitter is unbiased and independent.


We believe a picture paints a thousand words, which is why we take our own pictures of every car we drive here on carwitter. We don’t like generic press images.


Also we don’t like overinflated MPG figures, so you will only find manufacturers Urban MPG rating in our reviews – along with our actual MPG over the course of the loan.


Please see our privacy policy here.

The Team

Adam Tudor-Lane – Owner / Editor

I’m a young 20 something with a different view on Automotive Journalism, direct, to the point; and honest. Currently the youngest and first non conventional member of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers.

Often found behind the wheel of a different car each week, up early of a weekend for photo shoots and working late into the night on fresh content.

Tom Taylor

Tom has been a fan of cars and motorsport all his life. He enjoys watching any form of racing – as long as it has wheels and an engine.

He can often be found track side, reporting on all the action first hand.

Emma Bothamley

Emma found her writing feet by starting her own F1 website before moving to Carwitter. She is also rather handy with a camera and loves to be trackside keeping the action in focus.

Olgun Kordal – Photographer

Olgun is our go-to freelance photographer. A true professional, he captures some stunning moments. Whether it’s static shots on a dull overcast day, or hanging out the back of a car driving through Austria, we wouldn’t use anyone else.

You can view more of his work here – olgun.co.uk

Jason Laroza – Videographer

Often found behind a Canon, setting up a slide rail or piloting a drone, Jason is our default freelance videographer.

Early starts and long days are his order of the day, the footage he captures is nothing less than stunning – so we only summon his talents when we’ve got something  extra special to review.

You can view more of his work here – vimeo.com/laroza