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Mercedes Reveal the X-Class Pickup Truck

20 Jul , 2017  

Mercedes have revealed their first ever pickup called the X-Class. The X-Class provides the typical functionality and robustness of a pickup but manages to put the premium Mercedes stamp with the design, comfort and driving dynamics. Whilst being a completely new model for Mercedes, it’s still has the familiar Mercedes style with the large star […]

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New Volvo XC60 Review

17 Jul , 2017  

Every now and then there’s one car that ultimately saves a brand, in Volvo’s case the last generation XC60 can probably be heralded as that. It brought Volvo back to the masses and continued to sell amazingly well right up until it was culled earlier on this year. So the all new XC60 has big […]

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Audi Q2 Sport Review

9 Jul , 2017  

With crossovers still taking the marketplace by storm, it was only a matter of time until they started downsizing and entering new segments. Audi have got into the game early with the Q2, it’s a true mini crossover of the hatchback variety.   Our dinky Q2 was in Sport trim with a 1.4 TFSI engine. […]

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Project 106 GTi – Tidying up

9 Jul , 2017  

When the 106 was in it’s new home over winter I decided it was time to tackle some of the muckier parts. It’s plastic bump strips were in a pretty sorry state…there were a few very minor marks on them, where something had be scraped and the plastic was shiny along with some very small […]

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Cool Car Maintenance Tips For Your Vintage Merc

7 Jul , 2017  

If you love your cars, I bet you’ve already considered buying a classic. There are so many reasons why you should buy vintage. Firstly, they’re a good investment as many people find that they can increase the value of the vehicle by doing it up and maintaining it. Secondly, it’s just really cool to own […]

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2017 DS 3 Performance Black Edition Review

7 Jul , 2017  

When thinking of the DS 3, performance doesn’t really spring to mind. Matt black with gold accents certainly isn’t the order of the day. Special editions, collaborations with makeup brands and a car squarely aimed at the female side of the population is more suiting to its nature. The last performance model appeared when the […]

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Why Fiat Is Still A Top Brand For First Time Drivers

7 Jul , 2017  

The Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat has been a top choice for first-time drivers for many years. Founded in 1899, the company has gone from strength to strength since the end of the second world war. Today, there are millions of Fiat models on roads all over the world, and sales are steadily increasing. With that […]

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Thinkware x350 Dash Cam Review

7 Jul , 2017  

Dash cams are still on the rise, you probably won’t go a day without seeing one nestled behind the rear view mirror of the car in front whilst you sit in traffic. Some of them can cost nearly £300 and are laden with all sorts of gadgetry. But what about the more affordable end of […]

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Honda Announce HR-V Black Edition

7 Jul , 2017  

Honda has announced the HR-V Black Edition. The HR-V made a reappearance in 2015 and put Honda back into the compact  crossover SUV sector, a sector Honda created back in 1999 with the original HR-V. This new Black Edition is based on the SE but in addition comes with black running boards, skid plates front […]

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Volvo to Electrify Every Car from 2019

6 Jul , 2017  

Volvo has announced that every car from 2019 will have an electric motor. This sees the end of the internal combustion engine and Volvo being the first major manufacture to make the bold switch. Volvo will release a range of electrified cars with a mixture of fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid cars.  Five fully […]

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The best used Mercs to buy 2017

3 Jul , 2017  

If you want luxury and reliability without the cost you should seriously consider a Mercedes second hand. Depending on your budget you could be looking at anything from the current E-Class, to a £5,000 2004 S-Class. So let’s start with the top end of the budget.     We managed to find a used E220 […]

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XE SV Project 8 is Jaguar’s Most Powerful Road Car Ever

29 Jun , 2017  

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has revealed the XE SV Project 8: the most powerful Jaguar road car ever. XE SV Project 8 is the second car created for the Collector’s Edition by SVO. Only 300 will be built. The car comes with a highly tuned 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 petrol engine that pumps out […]

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