2020 Kia XCeed 2 1.6 Diesel Review Front Angle Close carwitter 400x266 - Kia XCeed Review - Kia XCeed Review

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Kia XCeed Review

17 Feb , 2020  

In a time where the crossover is king, it seems manufacturers are trying to appeal to niche buyers. Someone that wants those tough, go-anywhere looks, but not necessarily the bulk of such a big car. Ford started this trend with the Fiesta Active and followed on with the Focus Active, well, now Kia are in […]

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2019 Mazda CX 30 Review Review Three Quarter carwitter 400x266 - Mazda CX-30 Review - Mazda CX-30 Review

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Mazda CX-30 Review

18 Dec , 2019  

So the world of crossovers is still booming, with the trend even permeating the world of small hatchbacks these days. But Mazda are filling their gaps in the crossover range to the nth degree. If their CX-3 is too small, but their CX-5 just a little too big, you can now opt for the new […]

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Subaru e Boxer Engine Review 018 carwitter 400x300 - Subaru e-Boxer Engine Review - Subaru e-Boxer Engine Review

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Subaru e-Boxer Engine Review

12 Oct , 2019  

Subaru have always struggled when it comes to emissions, in fact, they struggle to sell cars at all in the UK. The new e-Boxer engine hopes to change this. Last year saw just under 2,700 Subaru’s sold across our country, with numbers that low it makes you wonder how they haven’t pulled out of the […]

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Citroen C5 Aircross Review Front Angle Main carwitter 400x266 - Citroen C5 Aircross Review - Citroen C5 Aircross Review

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Citroen C5 Aircross Review

24 Sep , 2019  

In recent years Citroen have a new-found flair when it comes to design, they’ve ditched trying to go mainstream and have focussed on what they’re good at, quirky and stylish. The Citroen C5 Aircross is no different. Starting at £24,435 for the entry-level ‘Feel’ model, this crossover offering adds some bold, masculine looks to the […]

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2019 CUPRA Ateca Review Front Angle Scene carwitter 400x266 - Cupra Ateca Review - Cupra Ateca Review

Car Reviews, Crossover, Sports

Cupra Ateca Review

2 Aug , 2019  

Launching a new, sporty car marque with a crossover is an interesting proposition. It’s either genius, due to the fact that everyone loves crossovers at the moment, or it’s just totally wrong because no crossover should be ‘sporty’…or should it? We took the Cupra Ateca for a week to see if they’d pulled off a […]

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review Front Low carwitter 400x266 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review

6 May , 2019  

Rarely in the world of crossovers does the word ‘Sporty’ come to mind. As much as all the marketing material will have you believe seldom can it be that such a car possesses any sort of sporting ability, until now. Alfa’s Stelvio came out last year, and yes there’s a fire breathing Ferrari engined V6 […]

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2019 Ford Ka Active Review Front On Green Lane carwitter 400x266 - Ford Ka+ Active Review - Ford Ka+ Active Review

Car Reviews, Crossover, Hatchback

Ford Ka+ Active Review

26 Mar , 2019  

Ford are going all out with their SUV style makeovers, first there was the Fiesta and most recently the Focus Active, but how does the jacked up ruggedised treatment work on their smallest car, the Ka+? The Ford Ka Active starts at £13,445, which is a fair old increase from the £11,295 for the entry […]

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2019 Honda CR V Review 014 carwitter 400x266 - 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review - 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review

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2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review

25 Mar , 2019  

Did you know that CR-V stands for ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle’? Now you do. Believe it or not, the Honda CR-V is now in its fifth generation, and the U.S have had it since 2017, but better late than never it’s finally hitting UK roads. Priced from £25,995 in entry-level ‘S’ trim prices rise all the […]

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2018 Volvo XC40 First Edition Review Front Scene carwitter 400x266 - Volvo XC40 Review - Volvo XC40 Review

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Volvo XC40 Review

1 Dec , 2018  

Volvo has hit the nail on the head when it comes to design the last few years, clean lines and Swedish flair have made the brand more popular than ever. Their latest car to market picks up on a growing niche, the compact crossover. There have been lists as long as your arm for the […]

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