Delorean DMC 12 Doors Up carwitter 300x200 - Owning a DeLorean - Owning a DeLorean

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Owning a DeLorean

1 Aug , 2014  

Most people know of the DeLorean DMC-12, that gleaming stainless steel machine made infamous by the Back To The Future film franchise. But the story of the DeLorean started in 1976 when the first prototype appeared, full production then began in 1981 in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland. The DeLorean Motor Company was heavily backed by the UK […]

Litchfield Nissan GT R Stage 4 Front Thre Quarter Angle carwitter 300x199 - Owning a Litchfield Nissan GT-R - Owning a Litchfield Nissan GT-R

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Owning a Litchfield Nissan GT-R

31 Jan , 2014  

The Nissan Skyline GT-R has been a cult legend since its inception in 1969, back then the KPGC10 – Hakosuka  as it was known – produced 160 HP and 177 Nm of torque from a naturally aspirated 2.0 litre engine. Oh how things have changed in the last 40 years. The Skyline GT-R evolved over […]

Peugeot 106 Rallye S1 Scenery carwitter 300x225 - Owning a Peugeot 106 S1 Rallye - Owning a Peugeot 106 S1 Rallye

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Owning a Peugeot 106 S1 Rallye

16 Nov , 2013  

Peugeot originally released the 106 back in 1991, but it was lacking the sporty hot hatch aspect that Peugeot had become so well known for with the legendary 205 GTi. They decided to release a stripped out, extreme 106, it was named Rallye. With a 1.3 litre 8 Valve TU2J2 Petrol engine it produce 98 BHP […]

BMW 1M Front Angle Low carwitter 300x199 - Owning a BMW 1M - Owning a BMW 1M

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Owning a BMW 1M

8 Sep , 2013  

When BMW first announced the 1M back in July 2010, it whipped petrol heads into a frenzy. It promised to be a raw, drivers car. It has a 3.0 litre straight 6, twin turbo engine, pumping out 335 HP and 500 Nm of torque all being squeezed through the rear wheels. All that power was […]