Here’s some of the press coverage we have received.

Stoneacre Best Car Blogs 2020

For 2020 Stoneacre group saw it fit to include us in their roundup of best car blogs.

Your Parking Space

Most of us can get a bit mad behind the wheel, Your Parking Space asked us what really grinds our gears when out on the road, Adam obliged.

Foray Motor Group – Winter car care tips

Recently Foray Motor Group got in touch and asked for some info on winter car care tips. Pulling on Adam’s previous motor trade experience we were able to offer some real world practical advice. Take heed.



JCT600 – Top automotive blog to bookmark in 2019

We’ve been chosen as the top car blog to bookmark in 2019 by the prestigious JCT600 car dealership group.



Glovebox Direct – Winner Best UK Car Blog

Carwitter has been picked as one of the top UK car blogs by Glovebox Direct, an online only genuine OEM parts supplier.



Rolls Royce Canyonero on Jalopnik

We decided the Rolls Royce Cullinan needed a proper advert, so we made one. It ended up on Jalopnik as well as receiving nearly 50,000 views in less than 24 hours across Twitter and YouTube.

2018 UK Blog Awards Winner

Yup, that’s right for the second year running Carwitter won best automotive blog in the UK. This year under the business category.

Sadly there’s no picture of an award as there weren’t physical awards this year.


Top Blog on OBD Advisor

Carwitter has featured as a Top Automotive Blog in the independently owned category on OBD Advisor.

Featured on Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral car insurance featured Carwitter as part of there ‘Top three motoring blog you might not have heard of‘ article.



2017 UK Blog Awards Winner

In 2017 we won the Individual Automotive award in the prestigious UK Blog Awards.


Carwitter On The Nasdaq Stock Exchange

As part of our GlobeNewswire partnership with Nasdaq, Carwitter was advertised on the side of the Nasdaq stock exchange in Times Square, New York.



Nick Mason’s Car Collection On Oppositelock

Our exclusive coverage of Nick Mason’s car collection made it to the front page of Oppositelock.


Greatest Plate Of All Time Jalopnik

There were discussions going around about the greatest numberplate ever, so we thought we’d play around with what was ‘legal’ on Jalops behalf.


Peugeot 508 RXH Review

Peugeot Social Media Website


Suzuki Kizashi Review

Website and in print through dealer marketing.

Suzuki Quote