A Beginner’s Guide To Electric Cars

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Many people think electric cars are a new concept, but in fact, they have been around for nearly two centuries.
Buyers have always preferred petrol and diesel, but in these budget-conscious times, electric cars are making a comeback.

By 2027, the government has stated half of all new cars manufactured will be battery powered, so electric cars are here to stay.

If you’ve ever purchased an electric scooter, you will know how cost effective these cars can be. On a single charge, they can travel between 100 and 300 miles, with a small and lightweight battery adding to the handling and speed efficiency of the ped.

The low running costs, combined with the lack of harmful carbon dioxide emissions prevalent in petrol and diesel vehicles, means electric cars are an economical and energy-efficient choice for any car buyer.


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So is buying an electric car right for you?

The pros generally outweigh the cons, but on the downside, buying an electric car is more expensive than the conventional kind. There can also be a lack of boot space, because of the installed battery, so you need to consider how much stowage you’re likely to need.

Charging points can still be a bit patchy, which could prove tricky on longer journeys when the battery needs a recharge.

On the plus side, times are changing, and charging points will eventually become standard at all fuel stations. On street charging points are also being rolled out, so running out of power will no longer be a problem.

There isn’t an issue when the car is parked at home as it can be plugged into your 13 amp power supply with the provided charging cable. However, this can be dangerous in older homes, so an experienced electrician should be called out to check your wiring and circuit breaker.

You can now have a dedicated charging point installed in your home, and government grants are now available at up to 75% of the full cost.


2016 BMW 330e eDrive Review Charging carwitter 700x525 - A Beginner's Guide To Electric Cars - A Beginner's Guide To Electric Cars


You could consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle which combines electricity with gasoline or diesel. On longer trips when the electricity is likely to run out, the secondary fuel will kick in, giving you enough power to make it to the next charging point.

Despite being more expensive than a conventional car, due to zero emissions, electric cars are currently exempt from paying road tax, though you still need to apply for it. The law is changeable, so it is important to keep a careful eye on new regulations.


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Electric cars have a reputation of being boring to drive. However, speed demons will be impressed by the performance. They produce 100% of power from a standstill so accelerate very quickly from a low speed.

In fact, the Tesla Model-S is one of the fastest cars ever made. Without the need for a noisy combustion engine, seasoned drivers will be surprised at how quickly and quietly electric cars zip along.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase is yours, but as electric cars are becoming more popular, they are now a viable choice when making your next purchase.


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