2018 Renault ZOE 40 Review Front Low carwitter 300x199 - Should you go electric? - Should you go electric?

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Should you go electric?

9 Oct , 2019  

‘Is it worth getting an electric car?’ That’s the big question. They’re often more expensive than petrol or diesel cars, and you have to charge them, but what are the advantages of going electric and will it be right for you? First of all, think about the length of journeys you tend to do, for […]

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2018 VW eGolf Review Main carwitter 300x199 - 2018 VW e-Golf Review - 2018 VW e-Golf Review

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2018 VW e-Golf Review

6 May , 2018  

VW are about to release their ‘all-electric’ I.D. platform, making this the last ever e-Golf…and it’s only in its second coming. But you’ve got cto think of the e-Golf as the stepping stone, the impractical made practical. VW have done a better job than even Ford can muster, in gutting a fossil fuelled vehicle and […]

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New Car Customer Forecourt carwitter 300x199 - How Electric Cars will Change the Used Car Market - How Electric Cars will Change the Used Car Market

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How Electric Cars will Change the Used Car Market

8 Dec , 2017  

It is no secret that the electric car revolution is picking up momentum. With the Government’s clean air plans, the incentives for making the switch and every manufacturer focusing on efficient automobiles, it is no surprise that the sale of diesel has plummeted whilst Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle (AFV) sales have skyrocketed this year. Soon, the […]

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Geneva Motor Show 2017 Ford Fiesta ST Front carwitter 300x225 - Self-Driving Cars and Hybrid Vans: What's Ford's Future? - Self-Driving Cars and Hybrid Vans: What's Ford's Future?

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Self-Driving Cars and Hybrid Vans: What’s Ford’s Future?

6 Sep , 2017  

The Ford Motor Company has been around for a long time, but where is it heading next? Not that long ago, the company was close to bankruptcy as the financial crisis hit them very hard. But things have since turned around, and those memories are being put behind the company. Profitability has returned, and there […]

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Renault Zoe 2017 Side 300x200 - A Beginner's Guide To Electric Cars - A Beginner's Guide To Electric Cars

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A Beginner’s Guide To Electric Cars

1 Jun , 2017  

Many people think electric cars are a new concept, but in fact, they have been around for nearly two centuries. Buyers have always preferred petrol and diesel, but in these budget-conscious times, electric cars are making a comeback. By 2027, the government has stated half of all new cars manufactured will be battery powered, so […]

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