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BMW Wants To Make A Motorbike That Can’t Fall Over

12 Apr , 2017  

BMW, as a company, is keenly aware of the fact that technology is forever moving forward. Part of the reason why the company spent so much money developing the i8 was because they saw the writing on the wall: that cars were going to go electric and get faster and cheaper. But BMW isn’t just […]

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Volkswagen Reveal I.D. Buzz Concept

9 Jan , 2017  

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz concept has been revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Volkswagen have managed to turn its iconic camper van into a high-tech electric vehicle. The I.D. Buzz will come in all-wheel drive with electric motors for both axles. It’ll have an output power 374 PS and can reach […]

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Rolls Royce 103EX Concept Makes US Debut

12 Oct , 2016  

The Rolls Royce 103EX has made its US debut in Santa Monica. Even though it’s a roller, the 103EX is a part of BMW’s Vision 100 concept which was announced earlier on this year for its centenary celebrations. The 103EX is an autonomous car which is driven by the ‘Voice of Eleanor’. ‘Eleanor’ is a virtual […]

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Mitsubishi teases plug-in hybrid concept

28 Jan , 2015  

These dimly lit pictures are the first sight we’ve had of Mitsubishi’s as yet unnamed plug-in hybrid concept that will debut in Geneva next month. What we do know is it will be a two-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid powered by a petrol engine and electric motors. The crossover appears to be an angular mix of the […]

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Audi Clubsport Quattro Concept Breaks Cover Ahead Of Worthersee

15 May , 2014  

Here it is! The new Audi RS3! Apologies, but I couldn’t resist. The reality is that the upcoming Audi RS3 which is probably still a good 12 months off, won’t share as much with this sinewy A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept as we might hope. The motive of the A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept is both unclear […]

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Our thoughts – 2014 BMW M4 / M3

4 Sep , 2013  

We’ve all seen the spy shots and read the speculation. It’s been in circulation for nigh on two years now, with the car slowly undressing itself of camouflage at six month intervals. But I think its safe to say that the release of a concept, along with near naked prototypes is conclusive evidence that BMW […]

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