PROJECT Peugeot 106 GTi – Peugeot Festival Hill Climb

21 Jul , 2017  

Now that the 106 GTi is road legal and useable, it’s first jaunt was to the Peugeot Festival at the Prescott Hill Climb in the Cotswolds. We took both the 207 and 106, the 207 was in the show and shine, whilst the 106 was displayed along with other cars Carl Chambers has worked on. […]

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Project 106 GTi – Tidying up

9 Jul , 2017  

When the 106 was in it’s new home over winter I decided it was time to tackle some of the muckier parts. It’s plastic bump strips were in a pretty sorry state…there were a few very minor marks on them, where something had be scraped and the plastic was shiny along with some very small […]

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PROJECT 106 GTi – The hard work

27 Jun , 2017  

So, after our last little drive down to Norfolk to drop the 106 off to Carl atĀ Pugsport Racing, it sat there for a good while. Which was fine by me as I already have a logistical problem when it comes to parking the cars I own. One evening I checked in on the ever life […]

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PROJECT 106 GTi – Its new home

23 Mar , 2017  

Yes, faithful following! It’s been long, far too long since we updated you with news on the trusty little 106 GTi. The last time we updated you was moving the 106 from its warm, sheltered garage to being an outdoor hood rat, and yes, that was the third time i’d ever driven it! So, what […]

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