2003 Volvo S80 Front 300x225 - RANT - Volvo's design, or lack of it - RANT - Volvo's design, or lack of it

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RANT – Volvo’s design, or lack of it

19 Feb , 2013  

Ok, so today Volvo have announced what they say is “the most extensive development of existing models in our company’s history” they have tweaked the exteriors and interiors of the S60, V60, XC60 as well as the S80, V70 and XC70. Now I love the whole floating console that Volvo came up with in around 2007, its beautiful […]

Russian Driving 300x144 - Russian driving or crashing... - Russian driving or crashing...

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Russian driving or crashing…

17 Feb , 2013  

Glad I don’t live in Russia, this compilation was just a few from 2012. Particular like the casual Horse just going for a stroll! Oh, and the bloke that gets ejected from his lorry cab, you couldn’t write it!