How to Check Outstanding Finance on a Car Which You Want to Buy?

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Purchasing a utilized vehicle can be challenging; the good news is we’re here to help you avoid those challenges, as well as buy the appropriate automobile for you.

Among one of the most typical inquiries we get is about vehicle money, particularly, how you recognize if the used car you’re seeking to purchase has any finance against it.

A 2017 research revealed that eight out of ten vehicles in the UK were bought utilizing vehicle financing, so you must do your checks before buying.

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Why shouldn’t I get a car with outstanding finance?

If you buy a vehicle with finance left on it, you could stand to lose it, even if you have spent for it outright. This is because the financer practically still owns the vehicle until the loan is completely settled. If still, finance is remaining on the car, the seller must not be trying to market it.


The seller has informed me that there’s no more financing on the auto; what do I do?

We always advise relying on the car check rather than the words of the vendor.

If your heart is set on acquiring a utilized vehicle yet it has finance on it; you can take steps. Nonetheless, our viewpoint is that you ignore any second-hand vehicle with special financing.

  • Call the finance firm and let them understand that you want to get the vehicle.
  • The financing company is going then provide you with the settlement figure for the finance bargain, as well as the actions you need to take to remove this. Normally this indicates the proprietor needs to pay it off.
  • Get confirmation from the money business that the negotiation figure has been paid which the car is free from money.
  • Run another car check if a car is on finance to find if the vehicle is flagged.
  • Do not purchase the automobile till it passes the car check.


What if that does not work?

It’s feasible that the money business could not accept your explanation, as well as demand that settlements are made, or the car is returned. Again, clear communication is your ideal option; however, there is an opportunity that the company might continue, as well as try to recuperate the vehicle.

If this happens, as well as you’re positive you have a great title to the vehicle, you should send out a protest to the financing company and call Citizens Recommendations as well as the Financial Ombudsman.

If all else falls short, you could consult a lawyer who will have the ability to advise you concerning a lawsuit to reclaim the car or your money.

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Examine DVLA details

First of all, check that the information you have been provided matches the automobile details held by the DVLA. This online federal government device is free; you’ll require to recognize the automobile’s registration number to figure out:

    • when its current vehicle tax ends
    • the date of its first registration
    • when its MOT expires
    • SORN status
    • engine dimension, year of manufacture
    • colour
    • the present vehicle tax rate
    • CO2 exhausts
  • Inspect the vehicle’s MOT background

Another complimentary UK government tool allows you to inspect that the MOT condition, as well as the history of the car you’re thinking about acquiring, matches the details you’ve been offered. All you require to recognize beforehand is the car’s registration number. You’ll be able to learn:

    • if the vehicle passed or failed its different examinations over the years
    • the gas mileage videotaped when it was checked
    • where each test was done
    • what parts failed at each examination, as well as if any components had minor issues
    • when its next MOT is due

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  • Examine it’s not stolen

If you unwittingly purchase a stolen vehicle, you’re not its lawful owner. You’ll shed both the automobile, as well as whatever money you have paid for it when the cops recoup it.

There are some free fundamental checks you can accomplish to defend against acquiring a swiped vehicle to prevent this scenario.

  • Ask to see the vehicle’s “log publication,” officially called the V5C vehicle registration certification. Make certain it has a DVL watermark, as well, as the serial number is not between BG8229501-BG9999030 or BI2305501-BI2800000. If it is, the V5C might be swiped; call the cops as quickly as you can.
  • Inspect that the details in the logbook match the details you have been offered.
  • Examine the vehicle identification number or VIN, as well as the engine number. Ensure these matches the information in the logbook. The VIN can usually be found on the driver’s side door jamb, in the engine compartment, or over the dashboard close to the windshield on the traveller side.
  • Paid solutions additionally exist that will check the vehicle versus the Police National Computer system, as well as insurance coverage data sources for cars registered as swiped. HPI has a popular solution for stolen automobile checks, but there are several others.
  • Examine it’s not hazardous

You must examine to ensure the car hasn’t been recalled because of a serious security problem. If it has, the automobile needs to be taken care of or replaced by the maker; you should not have to pay.

The UK government supplies another complimentary device to check for recalls on a vehicle, component, or device; you’ll need to know the automobile’s registration number, and the check takes just a couple of seconds.

  • Examine there’s no outstanding financing

-An increasing number of automobiles nowadays are bought with some money or credit score plan. Unsurprisingly, finance companies expect any outstanding financings to be settled before the car is sold on, yet if they aren’t, you need to be on your guard.

Legally, a vehicle with finance still comes from the financing company, so if you’re the new signed up caretaker, they may ask you to settle the finance amount, no matter what you’ve already paid the previous “owner!”

If you got the vehicle in good faith, you might have a defence in the Hire Purchase Act of 1964; however, it’s probably better to prevent the headache, as well as get a financing check before you buy the vehicle.

Reputable look for impressive money is normally only available as a paid service, but the price is reasonable; we discovered fees as reduced as ₤13.49 with RAC, which also consists of a number of other utilized automobile checks.

  • Examine it’s not been written off

If a car has been crossed out, it might not be safe to drive, or it may have underlying problems that will entail substantial fixing costs. Specifically, if it’s been categorized as a Category A or Category B write-off, the automobile ought to ever go back on the road.

You can examine if a car you’re considering acquiring has been written off, this is normally a paid solution, but there are different reputable suppliers available.

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