How To Maintain Your Car Effectively

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Keeping your car well-maintained can dramatically improve its performance but it can also enhance your safety. Furthermore, when you carry out routine maintenance on your vehicle, you reduce the risk of things going wrong and avoid the need for repairs to be made. 

While most car owners would like to be able to take a more active role in maintaining their vehicle, many are unsure how to undertake basic maintenance tasks. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple things any car owner can do to keep their vehicle in great condition. To get started, take a look at these top tips now:

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  1. Change the Spark Plugs

Manufacturers typically advise that you don’t need to change the spark plugs on a vehicle until you’ve done around 25-30k miles. However, it’s relatively common for spark plugs to degrade more quickly than this. As a result, you may notice your engine misfiring or surging.

A new spark plug usually costs less than $10-15 but replacing them will prevent misfiring and surging, as well as optimizing engine performance. 

  1. Replace bolts with studs

Bolts are used throughout vehicles, but they aren’t always the best piece of equipment for the job. When it comes to the gasket head, for example, bolts don’t offer the same level of alignment that Duramax head studs too. By replacing the bolts with head studs here, you can increase the alignment and improve reliability, as well as reducing the risk of head gasket failure. 

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  1. Check tire pressure

The air pressure in your tires determines how effectively they grip the surface of the road and how well your car handles, which means it’s critical to your safety. However, the pressure in your tires will gradually decrease over time.

In addition to this, the optimal tire pressure may change depending on the type of roads you’re traveling on the loads you’re carrying. Checking the tire pressure on a vehicle is easy. Digital gauges are inexpensive to buy or you’ll find them available for use at most gas stations.

  1. Lubricate window tracks

Over time, ice and debris accumulate in window tracks and make it harder for them to operate. If your windows squeak or drag when you open or close them, it’s likely the window tracks are already affected.

If left unresolved, this could damage the window regulator cables and require a costly repair. However, lubricating the window tracks with spray silicone is an easy way to flush out debris and enhance window operation. Simply spray into the tracks and open and close the window to allow the silicone spray to coat the entire track!

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Why Maintaining Your Car is Worth It

If you’ve always assumed that taking your car for its annual service is enough to keep it in top condition, think again. Routine maintenance has a major impact on the reliability, performance, and lifespan of your vehicle. If you want to retain value, minimize costs, and stay safe on the roads, regular car maintenance is essential – and easier than you think.

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