2017 Audi Q2 1.4 TSI Sport Review 13 carwitter 300x199 - How Did SUVs Get So Popular? - How Did SUVs Get So Popular?

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How Did SUVs Get So Popular?

23 Dec , 2019  

Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs for short, are fast becoming the fastest-selling type of car on the Australian market. In years past, the sedan was the car of choice for regular families, but with the changing lifestyles and incomes of ordinary people, more and more are looking for an SUV these days. There are a […]


2019 Mazda CX 30 Review Review Three Quarter carwitter 400x266 - Mazda CX-30 Review - Mazda CX-30 Review

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Mazda CX-30 Review

18 Dec , 2019  

So the world of crossovers is still booming, with the trend even permeating the world of small hatchbacks these days. But Mazda are filling their gaps in the crossover range to the nth degree. If their CX-3 is too small, but their CX-5 just a little too big, you can now opt for the new […]

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review Front Low carwitter 400x266 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Speciale Review

6 May , 2019  

Rarely in the world of crossovers does the word ‘Sporty’ come to mind. As much as all the marketing material will have you believe seldom can it be that such a car possesses any sort of sporting ability, until now. Alfa’s Stelvio came out last year, and yes there’s a fire breathing Ferrari engined V6 […]

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2018 BMW X2 M Sport X Review Main Scene carwitter 400x266 - BMW X2 M Sport X Review - BMW X2 M Sport X Review

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BMW X2 M Sport X Review

1 Dec , 2018  

Crossovers are still all the rage, and BMW has decided the X1 doesn’t have that mass appeal they’re looking for. They need something sleeker, more modern, a car that appeals to a younger audience rather than an entry level into the brand. Cue the X2. Our test model came in M Sport X spec with […]

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2018 Jaguar E Pace S Review Main Scene carwitter 400x266 - Jaguar E-Pace S Review - Jaguar E-Pace S Review

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Jaguar E-Pace S Review

20 Sep , 2018  

Love them or loathe them SUV’s and crossovers are big business, with the trend looking likely to continue more manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. Jag did so a few years back with the F-Pace, but that left a gap in the smaller, crossover segment, cue the E-Pace. However, it’s not just a market segment […]

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2018 Citroen C4 Cactus Review Front Angle carwitter 300x199 - 2018 Citroen C4 Cactus Review - 2018 Citroen C4 Cactus Review

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2018 Citroen C4 Cactus Review

17 Mar , 2018  

What happens when you strip out any character or soul from a once interesting vehicle? The new 2018 Citroen C4 Cactus, that’s what. The C4 Cactus was introduced back in 2014, 4 years on and the C4 hatchback has been culled from production. Filling its place is the Cactus. Starting at £17,265 you’ll want to […]

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2018 Nissan Qashqai Review Front Anlge Low carwitter 300x199 - 2018 Nissan Qashqai Review - 2018 Nissan Qashqai Review

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2018 Nissan Qashqai Review

15 Feb , 2018  

Nissan were the crossover pioneers, creating the segment from thin air way back in 2006. 2014 saw the second incarnation of the Qashqai and just three years later a bold facelift has helped keep it up to date. To see what those updates were like, we took a dCi 110 in range topping Tekna trim […]

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2018 Subaru XV Premium Review Angle Close carwitter 300x199 - 2018 Subaru XV Review - 2018 Subaru XV Review

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2018 Subaru XV Review

11 Feb , 2018  

Subaru have been struggling for a while. Last year they sold less than 3,000 cars in the UK. It’s because people don’t get them, they don’t understand what they are or their place in the market. To change this a new tagline has been developed ‘Better where it matters’, and the all-new XV is certainly […]

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Vauxhall Mokka X Front Angle 300x200 - We take a look at the Vauxhall Mokka X - We take a look at the Vauxhall Mokka X

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We take a look at the Vauxhall Mokka X

26 Jan , 2018  

Vauxhall’s SUVs have sold well over the years, and the concern is that the new Vauxhall Mokka is merely a rework with an ‘X’ slapped on the end of the name to indicate it’s newness. And in all reports, it might just be that. But does that mean that the Mokka X is any less […]

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