How Did SUVs Get So Popular?

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Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs for short, are fast becoming the fastest-selling type of car on the Australian market.

In years past, the sedan was the car of choice for regular families, but with the changing lifestyles and incomes of ordinary people, more and more are looking for an SUV these days.

There are a few reasons why these larger vehicles like the Honda CR-V are getting so popular. Let’s check out some of those reasons below.


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Improved Fuel Efficiency

In previous decades, SUV vehicles were known as thirsty fuel guzzlers, restricting their ownership to those that could afford to keep them topped up with petrol.

Yet car designers and manufacturers took notice of this, and have made serious efforts to improve the fuel economy of SUVs.

This means that these type of cars use less fuel to travel farther, allowing you to save money at the pump.


You Can Seat the Whole Family

Some SUV models have up to seven seats. This is particularly attractive for large families who need to get around town a lot.

For example, you could fit three kids behind the driver, a passenger in the front and two passengers in the very back. If you have multiple children this is a godsend, or you might live with elderly relatives who no longer drive.


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More Storage Space

SUVs offer superior storage solutions when compared to sedans, hatches and wagons. They offer ample boot room, allowing you to transport possessions with ease. They also often have nifty seats that can fold down as well, greatly increasing your storage space when you sacrifice seating room.

For example, it can be possible to transport a two-seater lounge in a larger SUV, if you get creative with packing it. And, if that space isn’t enough for you, you can always install roof racks for more room on top!


Height and Control

SUVs offer increased height over other types of cars. This makes them a popular choice, especially for people that don’t feel safe driving smaller models.

They can make you feel more in control and secure on the road, which is great for nervous drivers.


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A Sense of Pride

Let’s not beat around the bush, there comes a certain sense of pride when driving an SUV.

While this may not be a factor for everyone, some people measure themselves by their car and if this is the case for you an SUV will make you feel great, and give you a strong sense of self.


Safety First

The majority of newly developed sports utility vehicles have the highest safety rating possible.

This again makes them a popular choice because if you want a family car that you can feel secure in, you can rest assured knowing a new SUV will have a 5-star ANCAP safety rating.


A Car Conclusion

SUVs are becoming the hottest selling type of car on the Australian market, for a few reasons. Newer models have improved fuel economy, saving drivers money.

You can travel with a large family easily in an SUV, especially a seven-seater. They offer heaps of storage room, and they give you increased height and a sense of control on the road. If you’re the type that takes pride in your car, then an SUV will be absolutely perfect for you.

Finally, modern SUVs have great safety ratings, so you can drive with peace of mind.


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