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A look at the 2017 Mercedes S-Class

21 Mar , 2017  

The Mercedes S-Class boasts a rich history that includes decades of being heralded as one of the best ranges on the market. The 2017 350 d AMG certainly doesn’t disappoint and is easily a frontrunner to be one of the year’s greatest luxury saloons. So let’s take a closer look at some of the key features. […]

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Mercedes-AMG GT C Announced to Celebrate 50 Year Partnership

12 Jan , 2017  

2017 marks 50 years of the Mercedes-AMG partnership and in celebration, Mercedes are adding a Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe to the sports car range. The new model will sit between the AMG GT S and AMG GT R. The AMG GT C will be first sold as a special Edition 50 model. The Edition 50 […]

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Lexus LC500 Unveiled At NAIAS

11 Jan , 2016  

You could first gaze upon the newly unveiled Lexus LC500 Coupe and be forgiven for not quite knowing where it sits in the market, or indeed whether it is another iteration of the poetry inspiring LFLC concept from which it has spawned. As I write this now I’m reading tweets like “S Class Coupe beware”, […]

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Revealed Ahead Of Frankfurt

20 Aug , 2015  

As promised and ahead of a barrage of teasers, Mercedes has revealed their full fat M4 rival- the C63 AMG Coupe. Looks wise it takes the premium feel of the standard C Class Coupe to the nth degree with the AMG frippery appearing much more pronounced on the Coupe than the somewhat understated application on […]

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Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe Revealed Ahead Of Frankfurt

14 Aug , 2015  

The Frankfurt loins doth gird for the rush of pre show reveals has begun with the hotly anticipated yet wildly unsurprising Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe being the latest to have the sheets whipped from its bow. “Unsurprising” does somewhat an injustice to it’s looks. As with much of Mercedes’ recent crop, the new C Coupe is […]

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Merc take aim at S4 with C450 AMG Sport

13 Jan , 2015  

Last month Mercedes announced the arrival of AMG Sport, a less hectic range of performance cars from the tuners at Affalterbach, this week Detroit saw the launch of the second model in the range in the form of the C450 AMG Sport. Clearly staring the Audi S4 square in the face, the C450 will be […]

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Our thoughts – Aston Martin AMG Partnership

31 Aug , 2013  

Much has changed recently in the automotive world to accommodate requirements for efficiency and cleanliness in internal combustion. The advent and market domination of the paddle shift and dual clutch gearbox, the downsizing and turbo charging of engines and so on: changes that have threatened to take the life out of the sports car in […]

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