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We get lots of product review requests here on Carwitter, and when an email from a company called ‘OneLeg’ popped into our inbox, we were dubious.

However, taking a quick gander over their site, we thought damn; this is the perfect item for one particular issue.


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What is it?

Badged as a ‘garden stool’ to make kneeling a thing of the past, OneLeg is a plastic seat that comes in either 32 or 40cm heights.

They can be specced in various colours with upper silicone covers for grip. There’s also a lower cover to help it grip on hard surfaces. Both can be removed and washed.

What’s more, the whole seat is 100% recyclable as it’s made from polyethylene.


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What’s it like?

So why did we want to review the OneLeg? Well, when detailing your car you spend a lot of time either sitting cross-legged or on your knees while you’re claying or machine polishing your motor. Having a OneLeg totally gets rid of the need to kneel or sit on uncomfortable tarmac or concrete.

The base of the stool is curved a little allowing you to lean in any direction, you need to balance on the thing to stay upright, but it enables you free movement forward, backward and side to side without having to get up and reposition.


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You could also utilise OneLeg while washing your car for the lower areas if need be. It can also be used for gardening as it’s meant to be, or find a purpose inside the home as an occasional seat for a conservatory maybe?

It’s one of those simple designs that can make life easier; it doesn’t take up much room so can languish in the garage or shed when not needed or just left outside all year round if need be.



Where can I get one?

Head over to to purchase, they’re sent out next day, and you can full customise which colour/height you’re after.

Prices start at £34.25 for the 32cm, £39.95 for the larger 40cm version. Seat covers are extra at £9.99.

Next day postage is a little pricey at £8.95 though, so make sure you keep an eye out for discount codes that pop up now and then.


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