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OneLeg Stool Review

17 Mar , 2019  

We get lots of product review requests here on Carwitter, and when an email from a company called ‘OneLeg’ popped into our inbox, we were dubious. However, taking a quick gander over their site, we thought damn; this is the perfect item for one particular issue.     What is it? Badged as a ‘garden […]

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Reep Midlands Review Peugeot RCZ R 029 carwitter 400x266 - Reep Midlands Review - The Car Spa - Reep Midlands Review - The Car Spa

Car Features

Reep Midlands Review – The Car Spa

28 Jul , 2018  

It was that time of year once again, Peugeot Festival was approaching and after winning with the 207 last year I didn’t want to repeat the process just to gain another trophy. It’s got to be a challenge, right? So lets take the RCZ R instead. Having a good look over the paintwork I realised […]

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