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WeTheTerrors – Tshirts for the rallyist

30 Jan , 2016  

Here on Carwitter we like to champion the things we love. And for the last two years all I have pretty much worn is t-shirt from WeTheTerrors so a feature is long overdue.

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Having now amassed 9 of their tee’s I absolutely love them. I love them because they are unique, excellent quality and are sensibly priced.

I have no idea how the prints are put onto the t-shirts but they seem to last a lifetime, still looking fresh many washes later. Even when they are past their best, with the die washing out of the black shirts the print is still solidly clinging on.

We The Terrors Tshirts - 008

The designs change regularly and each one is more awesome than the last. My current favourite being of the Toyota Corolla, such detail.

We The Terrors Tshirts - 002

Quality is always important when investing in a printed t-shirt. Too many times you end up buying one online and the thickness being reminiscent of tissue paper.

I did have the same dubious opinion the first time i purchased from WeTheTerrors, but all the shirts have been of the super thick Gildan Premium variety, 100% cotton – naturally.

We The Terrors Tshirts - 001

The only exception seemed to be the VW Polo rally cross tee, which was a shame but can be forgiven as a blip.

They keep their size, they last forever, I never see anyone else wearing them, they’re just awesome!

Now if only they made their back catalog available so i could reorder all the ones that are getting a bit long in the tooth! 😉

I urge you to click here and check out the full range of t-shirts.

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