Toyota Pikes Peak 2013

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Toyota EV P002 Pikes Peak Race Car  491x210 - Toyota Pikes Peak 2013 - Toyota Pikes Peak 2013

Toyota are aiming to retain their electric record at Pikes Peak. The EV P002 race car is already showing promise after this weekends testing.

Last year the Toyota set a new EV record of 10 minutes 15.380 seconds. Data from this run has been used by engineers at TMG’s Cologne technology centre to improve the electric powertrain. Motor speed and torque have been increased and the system’s operating parameters have been tuned to better suit the demands of the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak tack. The unit now delivers 400kW and 1,200Nm of torque

TMG EV P002 Technical Specifications

Maximum speed (mph) 142
Maximum torque (Nm) 1,200
Maximum power (kW) 400
Maximum rpm 6,000
Electric Motor 2 axial flux
Inverter 2 x TMG inverters
Gear Ratio 3.13
Transmission Single-reduction gearing
Battery Lithium ceramic
Battery Capacity (kWh) 42 kWh
Charging Technology Off-boardDC charging
Length (mm) 4,100
Height (mm) 1,040
Width (mm) 1,790

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