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Volvo to Electrify Every Car from 2019

6 Jul , 2017  

Volvo has announced that every car from 2019 will have an electric motor. This sees the end of the internal combustion engine and Volvo being the first major manufacture to make the bold switch. Volvo will release a range of electrified cars with a mixture of fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid cars.  Five fully […]

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Volvo S90 Review 2017

18 Mar , 2017  

When Volvo first showed the S90 to the world it wowed. Following the slab like, sculpted lines of the XC90, it’s totally modern in its design. Seeing the S90 in the flesh at Geneva for the first time we ascertained that it was an equally impressive machine. Ten months on and we got to spend […]

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Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger VIDEO – Sponsored

30 Nov , 2016  

Last week we posted about Volvo’s attempt to drag a paraglider behind one of its Volvo FH trucks…and not kill him in the process. Well, now the video has gone live and it’s pretty skilful! Mr Galvani (the dude on the parachute) skates along the ground at times…which must have been a tad dodgy when […]

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Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger – Sponsored

23 Nov , 2016  

So you need to paraglide to your destination but don’t have a mountain or a tall building, what do you do? You get a Volvo FH truck to tow you, obviously. As part of Volvo’s ‘Live Test’ series they are now towing a paraglider across hilly terrain. Apparently it’s pretty hard to maintain a decent […]

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Audi Prologue Concept Unveiled For LA

19 Nov , 2014  

Great scot look at that gopper! The Audi Prologue concept has been unveiled ahead of a hurricane of speculation thats been swirling around for years. This can indeed be seen as a preview for a potential A8 Coupe/A9 model but is officially a design study outlining where Audi sees itself going aesthetically over the coming […]

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Volvo Concept Coupe En Route to Frankfurt

8 Sep , 2013  

There is an old saying: A picture can speak a thousand words. Occasionally it can be said of imagery of a new car, and the phrase does spring to mind when beholding the newly revealed Volvo Concept Coupe. The headline numbers talk of a plug-in hybrid powertrain, comprised of Volvo’s “Drive-E” petrol unit, in tandem […]

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