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Why the FK2 is THE best Honda Civic Type R EVER

5 Aug , 2017  

Now the title is a bold statement to make, I know that. I’ve never driven an EP3, but I’ve sampled everything thereafter. The FN2 was lardy as fuck. A ton of extra weight (nearly 16 stone?!) and barely a hint of more horses led it to be rather underwhelming. That could be what scared Honda […]

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Mazda RX-Vision Unveiled In Tokyo

28 Oct , 2015  

In the 13 years since the incorrigibly beautiful and expertly tuned Mazda RX7 FD Spirit R Type A drew its last breath, the legend of the Mazda Rotary engine has been but a dim glow in the eye of it’s indirect successor, the RX8. Less well endowed, softer styled and aimed at an entirely different […]

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