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Nissan Tease the New Leaf

3 Aug , 2017  

Nissan have released a teaser image of the next-generation Leaf ahead of its world debut. Nissan have focused on improving the aerodynamic design to make it more drag resistant, allowing more distance on a single charge. This new Leaf will sit lower to the ground helping towards stability at higher speeds. Nissan was the first […]

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Banning Combustion Cars By 2040 In The UK Is Bollocks

26 Jul , 2017  

So today the government have come out and said all Petrol and Diesel car sales will be banned by 2040. Which is just bollocks. That’s basically 20 years away from now. The headline news is merely a knee jerk reaction to fall in line with France which announced the same thing a few weeks ago. […]

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Skoda Reveals Vision E Concept

29 Mar , 2017  

Skoda have revealed the Vision E Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. The Vision E is the start of Skoda creating autonomous and their plan to introduce 5 electric cars by 2025. The concept has a power output of 225 kW, has a top speed is 112 mph and has a range of 311 miles. […]

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The Drive Of Progress

14 Mar , 2017  

Transport keeps the world spinning, and the past century has seen travel become very personalised. We don’t all have to rely on public transport; we have the option to drive our own vehicle and take control of the road. Obviously, I don’t to tell you this, but my point is that it’s something we take […]

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Jaguar Reveal I-PACE Concept Car

15 Nov , 2016  

Jaguar have revealed their first ever electric car, the I-PACE. Jag are set to preview a production model next year with the I-PACE aiming to arrive at dealers in 2018. The I-PACE has taken a lot of F-PACE’s design cues but sees a coupe-like roofline and a shorter, but aggressive front end. Though the radiator […]

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Nissan Reveal Leaf Black Edition

9 Nov , 2016  

Nissan have revealed the a limited version of the Leaf called the Black Edition. The Nissan Leaf Black Edition is based on the current Acenta trim level but comes with a few styling enhancements. Exterior sees 16” black alloy wheels, LED headlamps, black rear roof spoiler, privacy glass and black door mirror caps. The interior […]

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BMW 330e Review – The future of motoring

5 Nov , 2016  

When I first received the 330e to test for a week I was pondering the purpose of a plug in hybrid. Why would you plug your car into the mains when it has a perfectly good 2 litre turbo charged petrol engine up front?! I had thought to myself that I wouldn’t bother plugging it in […]

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2017 Renault Zoe to have 250 mile range

2 Nov , 2016  

Renault has revealed pricing and specs for the 2017 Renault Zoe which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show recently. The new Zoe will come with a new Z.E.40 battery which is claimed to have a 250 mile range – the most of any production electric vehicle. It has a capacity of 41kWh, nearly double compared […]

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Nissan introduce e-Power

2 Nov , 2016  

Nissan have announced a new hybrid powertrain called e-Power. The e-Power powertrain is combination of a petrol engine, power generator, inverter, and an electric motor. The electric motor provides the drive to the wheels meaning the petrol engine just charges the battery. Something already seen with the BMW i3 for instance. With the electric motor […]

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