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2016 Ford Focus RS Unveiled

3 Feb , 2015  

It appears 2015/2016 is a year all about change for Ford, especially with regard to its spicier automotive offerings. A Mustang can now be legitimately purchased in the UK  in right hand drive and with a turbocharged four cylinder ‘ecoboost’ engine, no less, whilst a new GT is on the way with turbo V6 power. The […]

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Car Features

A Mustang in the UK?

2 Nov , 2014  

Having just finished watching the MotorTrend video on the new Mustang, it became real to me quite suddenly that this car is making its way over here as a fully fledged EU/UK car. Its an intriguing proposition and one that prompted me to do a little word-poo on it. It has been well documented over […]

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