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Thinkware x350 Dash Cam Review

7 Jul , 2017  

Dash cams are still on the rise, you probably won’t go a day without seeing one nestled behind the rear view mirror of the car in front whilst you sit in traffic. Some of them can cost nearly ¬£300 and are laden with all sorts of gadgetry. But what about the more affordable end of […]

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Car Features

The top 5 dash cams in the UK for 2017

27 May , 2017  

These days dash cams have become a necessary accessory. While there are many drivers who follow road rules and are competent¬†enough, there are still countless individuals who make stupid decisions on the road, which is why dash cams are important. Whether you’re involved in an accident, or end up with a dinged car whilst parked…it’s […]

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