Nissan introduce e-Power

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Nissan have announced a new hybrid powertrain called e-Power.

The e-Power powertrain is combination of a petrol engine, power generator, inverter, and an electric motor.

Nissan e Power Note 700x375 - Nissan introduce e-Power - Nissan introduce e-Power

The electric motor provides the drive to the wheels meaning the petrol engine just charges the battery. Something already seen with the BMW i3 for instance.

With the electric motor driving the driven wheels, that the e-Power provides a high level of torque almost instantly. Even though there’s a petrol engine, the powertrain is just as quiet as a fully electric car.

Fuel efficiency will be similar to normal hybrids – especially around town driving.

Nissan e Power Battery 700x466 - Nissan introduce e-Power - Nissan introduce e-Power

The battery used by e-Power uses a smaller battery than the Nissan Leaf.

e-Power is being introduced with the Nissan Note but you would expect it to be brought to Nisaan’s other models like the Qashqai and the Juke.


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