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Ginetta Lifestyle – Flying the British flag

5 Nov , 2013  


When you think of Ginetta the first thing that comes to mind is racing cars, not exclusive, limited production, luxury clothing. But that’s exactly what they have branched out into with Ginetta Lifestyle.

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Each garment is one of 50, everything is sourced, designed and made in the United Kingdom. We stumbled across this new fashion brand whilst perusing the manufacturers at Salon Privé earlier in the year.

Laura Tomlinson is the designer, and after chatting to her about the range her passion really comes across. The small details in each garment are gorgeous, vintage look sewn in labels bare the Ginetta logo, and on the G2 Waxed Parker there is even a metal ‘VIN’ style plate with information about the coat pressed into it. Those little touches are things you just don’t find on the high street!

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Everything about the Ginetta Lifestyle range is UK orientated. They travel the length and breadth of Britain to find those that still take pride in manufacturing clothes in this country. From Carlisle to Northamptonshire, manufacturers are sourced, and deals are done to produce this exclusive range. The heritage of each manufacturer is well establish, some go back 125 years and produce garments for the likes of Burberry and Mulberry. There’s no doubting the superb quality on offer here from Ginetta Lifestyle.

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Pricing isn’t too bad either, on par with their rivals. A shirt will set you back £75, whilst the very dapper Waxed Parker is £350, some may say that’s a little steep, but having seen it first-hand it feels like it would last a lifetime! It’s also made from the same material Barbour use.

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We love having different things, uncommon is good, and with the limited production numbers on offer with the Ginetta Lifestyle range it offers more exclusivity than the likes of Burberry or Dunhill.  The fact they are championing British manufacturing is even better, more clothing brands should follow their lead.

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