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Wo-Wo Detailing products review

12 Oct , 2015  

Here at Carwitter we are big on car detailing. Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than having silky, smooth as glass paintwork and spending a good few hours getting it that way. I had heard of a relatively new brand hitting the scene called Wo-Wo, and their gear looked pretty good. So when they got […]


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RAC Tyre maintenance and puncture repair kit review

25 Jul , 2015  

Keeping your tyres in good condition is often overlooked. You SHOULD be checking tyre pressures weekly, not only to keep yourself safe but to also look after the tyres, to make sure they are wearing correctly and to give you the optimum miles per gallon. Many new cars also dont come with spare wheels anymore. […]


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GapFill Review

2 Nov , 2014  

You know when change falls out your pocket and goes down the side of your car seat…yup it takes forever to find that elusive 20p. GapFill have provided a novel solution for just that issue! What is it? GapFill is a neoprene sausage that goes between your seat and the centre console, it has a […]


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Doc Vision Screen Wash Tablet Review

31 Oct , 2014  

Carrying screen wash around in the car is a pain. Either you have to lug around great big 5 litre bottles, or at best 1 litre highly concentrated formula. But you still have the issue of it possibly falling over in the boot, rolling around and leaking. Well, Doc Vision have come up with a […]


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Tom Tom Smartphone Hands Free Kit Review

12 Sep , 2014  

With more and more smartphones becoming uber powerful you can often throw away that sat nav that sits unloved in the glovebox, couple that with actually being able to make calls, dictate a text message or even have our superb Twitter updates read out loud to you, your humble phone can become pretty distracting in […]


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Breffo Spiderpodium Review – A universal solution

5 Aug , 2014  

You know when you have that problem with your phone, the one where you want to use it as a sat nav in your car, or when you need something to hold it at the right angle when it’s on a table whilst on a plane or a train…exactly it’s a pain! We have found […]


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Headrest mount Review – A new perspective

20 Jun , 2014  

For the last year or so we have been helping to test a new in car camera mount, Headrest Mount. We now have the final version in our hands so it’s time to give it a full review. What is it? Headrest mount is a camera mounting system that allows you to securely fasten a camera/video […]