Mucar CDE900 Pro Review

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If you’re an amateur, DIY, or home mechanic looking for a reliable fault code reader and diagnostic tool, the Mucar CDE900 Pro could be your go-to solution.

Mucar CDE900 Pro Review


What is it?

The Mucar Pro CDE900 Pro is an OBD2 tester with a DTC definition library for efficient fault resolution. It offers the convenience of internet-based fault code searches directly on the device via WiFi, eliminating the need to reach for your phone whenever you want to look something up.

The unit, built on Android, features a user-friendly 5″ TFT touchscreen and six tactile buttons, ideal for gloved use. Its tough design includes thick shock-resistant plastic front and back with extended corner bumpers. Dimensions are 221mm x 133mm x 37mm.



Booting up in 30-50 seconds on Android 6.0, the Mucar CDE900 Pro requires an initial WiFi connection for downloading vehicle databases. The unit supports over 90 car manufacturers and 1,000+ models from 1996 onwards in the US, 2000 in the EU, and 2008 in Asia.

It will read fault codes out of the box, but you might need to purchase one of the extra packs available to fully reset them – depending on the codes, that is.


These optional upgrades offer an additional 28 reset services, such as check engine light, transmission, ABS, SRS, TPMS SAS, EPB, DPF and many more. These can be purchased for various prices depending on your needs, so if you don’t require the complete software package, you don’t have to buy it.

$99.95 USD enables all the features for every car – it’s the full 28 reset service system.
$39.95 USD enables four system checks – ECM, ABS, SRS and TCM for all car brands.
$59.95 USD enables the full 28 reset features for one car brand only, along with ECU coding and active testing.
$15.95 USD enables 1 reset function on its own.
$79.95 unlocks all 28 reset functions for one car.

So, the Mucar CDE900 Pro can be as granular as you like. If you’re only ever working on one car, opting for the single-car brand package makes sense.

All the packages and purchases can be made on the device; you’ll have to download the selected packages once purchased.

There’s 32GB of onboard memory, which can also be expanded by a microSD card.


What’s the Mucar CDE900 Pro like to use?

Using the Mucar CDE900 Pro is notably better than its smaller brother, the Mucar CDE900, as it offers an easy-to-read larger screen with improved resolution.

One difference between the CDE900 Pro and any other OBD reader we’ve tested before is that the OBD cable can be removed from the unit entirely. It connects via an old-school-looking serial port, but there’s only one type of cable in the box…so why do you need a swappable cable? I’m not sure!

Plugging in is straightforward, with a visible battery voltage display upon connection. Reading VIN and model details is automatic; although navigating menus may initially seem confusing, you soon find your way around.

Vehicle health checks and fault code readings are simple enough to carry out, and resetting codes is just a tap away from the home screen. The unit charges via the OBD2 socket or the included USB C cable.


Mucar CDE900 Pro Review Conclusion:

With lifetime upgrades and user-friendly features, the Mucar CDE900 Pro proves cost-effective for DIY fixers, potentially saving you from expensive garage bills and even more eyewatering labour rates.

Having a granular system for unlocking features makes total sense for home spannering. You don’t always need the ability to reset 28 different types of ECUs, especially not on hundreds of different models. Just ensure you make the right choice; otherwise, it could cost you more than plumping for the full package at $ 99 USD.

Its internet search capability and built-in database simplify fault finding, making it an essential tool for home mechanics.


Where can I buy one?

If you want a hassle-free shopping experience, purchase the MuCar CDE900 from Amazon. They offer next-day delivery, and you can even save some money with their occasional coupon offers.


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