ASI 2014: 2 Minutes With Gordon Shedden

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Like many thousands of other like minded petrol heads I made the long (from my part of the world) trip north, to the Birmingham NEC and the Autosport International Show. An event that – to a large number of motor sport fans anyway – is seen as the start of the motorsport season.

There’s something for everyone from the latest in F1 machinery to karts, oval racing, dragsters and historic cars – and everything in between, plus you get to watch various demos and short motor races indoors!

The BTCC – a carwitter favourite – was out in force at the show, and we were fortunate that the 2012 champion Gordon Shedden was able to take 2 minutes out of his busy day to talk to us. Here’s what he had to say:

Carwitter: So Gordan, I expect you’re looking to go a little better than last season for 2013

Gordon Shedden: Yes we’ll see how it goes, obviously we didn’t finish far away in the end, but you just need the cards to fall your way, and we just didn’t have enough luck falling my way, and that’s something that you can’t legislate for. We’ve just got to go and do the best we can and see how it ends up.

CW: So, A new car for next year with the Civic Tourer, how do you think that will go against Andy (Jordan) in the old model (Civic)?

GS: I don’t know I’ll tell you once we’ve tested it’s not turned a wheel yet! We’ll give it a blast and see that’s for sure though.

CW: What was the high point of your 2013 season?

GS: Um I don’t think there was many to be honest, it was alright but nothing better than alright, we need a little more consistency and to keep out of trouble…

CW: Well it was good for us in the stands and watching at home!

GS: …But we never gave up and that’s one of the biggest things I could do, even when it looked unlikely going into Brands, obviously Andy (Jordan) had a big lead after Silverstone but, I went there with an attitude that I could still win and, at least I asked the questions all day of Andy and made him win it rather than give him an easy ride.

CW: The weather did make it a little more unpredictable going into the last round though.

GS: Yeah we needed that to be fair it was much better the rain for us than for anyone else so that was good.

CW: If you had the opportunity to take the BTCC anywhere in the world, where would you like to race?

GS: Um,I mean it’s, probably the best circuit I’ve raced on is Macau, I think it’s a great place, it’s almost like a big Monaco and it’s a big challenge, so it’s probably the best touring car circuit in the world!

CW: Cheers thank you very much.

GS: Thanks

CW: Good luck for the season.

So I think it’s only right to thank the 2012 British Touring Car Champion, Gordon Shedden for taking 2 minutes out of his day to talk to us at Autosport International.

BTCC 2013 Silverstone Shedden Honda Civic Leads The Pack carwitter 491x326 - ASI 2014: 2 Minutes With Gordon Shedden - ASI 2014: 2 Minutes With Gordon Shedden


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