Want the best car speakers? Here’s a guide to upgrading

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So, you care about your audio at home and when you’re on foot. You have a good speaker system with plenty of power, and your headphones are top notch.

So, why is it that so many people have lousy audio in their car? Upgrading your car’s speakers isn’t usually much of a hassle. You just need to know what to buy.

When it comes to starting you car stereo renovation, it’s always best to begin with the drivers. The drivers are the element of the system that makes sound. You may also hear them referred to as speakers.

But, generally, speakers is usually a term for a group of drivers working together. To choose drivers specific to your car, you first need to look at the size of the drivers already installed.

Commonly, these will be between 14 and 2 inches. Now, you can find some drivers that will fit into your car.


2016 Citroen C4 Cactus Ripcurl Review Front Speaker Detail carwitter 700x468 - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading


Usually, you can search for speaker upgrades for your car’s make and model. Most popular cars will have options available that will fit into them with ease.

Bass in an incredibly important element of most music. But, most door-speakers inside cars are designed to perform better at higher frequencies.

This means that by only using door speakers, you’re limiting the satisfaction that you’ll get from your music. To counteract this, you can use a subwoofer.

The type of subwoofer that you choose will depend on the car and what you use it for. If you have a large boot that you don’t use very often, a larger boot sub could be worth it.

But, if your space is a little more limited, you can find loads of options that will slip under your seat. Always make sure that the space you have is adequate for the item you choose. Otherwise, you may find that the parts don’t fit!

Once you have the parts figured out, you can start looking at a new head unit. This is the part of the stereo that sits in your dash.


Nissan Connect Headunit Stereo carwitter 700x525 - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading


It’s used to convert data from your media into something that can be played through the speakers. It will also determine how many speakers you can run, as well as the devices that you can use to play music.

To choose a good head unit, you need to consider what you want to use with it. If you only have CDs, you’ll need something with a CD player. But, if you want to use your phone with it wirelessly, you’ll need an option with Bluetooth.

Finding the best head units is easy, you just need to look at some reviews. To get you started, read more here and see if you think a new head unit is for you.

Of course, these new speakers and subwoofer will need some power. Powerful speakers will often require more power than a head unit can deliver. So, you will need to have a look at some amps.

An amp can power your speakers, and also give you options to change the way the speakers work. You need to find an amp with a suitable power output to power all of your speakers.


Jaguar F Type Review Meridian Stereo carwitter 700x465 - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading


You don’t want this power to be too much higher than your speaker’s rating, though. This could blow the drivers and render them completely useless.

You should also choose something that’s compatible with your head unit.

Installing parts like these can be stressful. So, it’s worth making sure that you know what you’re doing. It’s easy to find specific guides for cars if you know the make and model.

So, you should have no trouble finding the information you need. Because you’ll be dealing with electronics, it’s important to make sure that you feel completely confident before you start.

There’s a very low chance that you’ll be injured will working with a car stereo, but you could fry some of your nice new components.

You can easily find advice when it comes to choosing the right parts for your car stereo. It’s simple to get confused and choose the wrong things. So, sometimes, it can even be best to go out of your way to get help.


2016 Kia Sportage Review Speaker Detail carwitter 700x465 - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading - Want the best car speakers? Here's a guide to upgrading


Most car audio stores will be happy to offer advice when it comes to getting your speaker system up together. But, it’s always good to return the favour by making a purchase from them.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start making changes to your car’s audio system. You’ll notice the vast difference in the performance of your car’s stereo once you make these upgrades.

Most of these parts can be found much cheaper secondhand, so always shop around.




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