Volvo buy Polestar

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The niche race car builder Polestar have been purchased 100% by Volvo Cars.

Polestar will now be used as the name for Volvos high performance models. This used to be the staple of the T5 and T6 engine line ups. Infrequently Polestar would bring out fully tuned and developed vehicles that sat atop the Volvo range, the latest being the V60 Polestar.

Now however these upper echelons will be Polestar only.

Volvo V60 Polestar Review Polestar Badge Alloys Carwitter 700x465 - Volvo buy Polestar - Volvo buy Polestar

Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars said:

Driving a Volvo Polestar is a special experience. We have decided to bring this experience to more Volvo drivers, placing the full resources of Volvo behind the development of Polestar as the model name for our high performance cars.

Polestar vehicles are truly something unique and very special. Lets hope we see a hell of a lot more of them going forward, and that the Polestar name doesn’t end up becoming watered down along the way!

Volvo V60 Polestar Review Polestar Exhaust Carwitter 700x465 - Volvo buy Polestar - Volvo buy Polestar

Heres some juicy Polestar goodness that we captured earlier on in the year <3


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