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The Truth Behind Car Costs You Don’t Think About

17 May , 2017  

For most drivers, the purchase of a car brings a form of social status – the choice of your car is an indication of your sense of belonging to a specific social class – as well as a means to perform everyday activities.

From commuting to your workplace to doing your grocery shopping, a lot of what you do depends on your ability to drive. As a result, despite the abundance of technical information regarding a cars performance and its make, the choice of a car is strongly influenced by your natural thrive for social integration.

Of course, you will also choose a car after careful consideration of your financial options. Surprisingly, at the heart of the car being a mean for social integration, the financial evaluation can be a little limited.

There is no integration if you can’t afford it. Imagine how not budgeting the potential costs that are inherent to car ownership can damage your social integration – as well as generate unnecessary debts.  


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The Hidden Costs Of Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance for your needs is never an easy matter, especially as there are plenty of costly mistakes


Most young drivers tend to use comparison websites to pick the most affordable insurance. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to face additional unplanned costs. Indeed, brokers’ commission fees are directly included into your online quote, meaning that you would have received a cheaper quote by getting in touch with the broker instead.

Additionally, cancellation terms tend not to include any pro rata refund, making it a costly business to change your agreement mid-term. Finally, cheap cover may simply offer less protection. You wouldn’t be able to face the cost of an accident without comprehensive cover.


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The Problems With Car Accidents

Everybody knows that a car insurance is there to protect you and your car in the event of an accident. However, with over 22,000 serious road injuries every year in the UK, you need more than just a good insurance cover.

Indeed, car accidents require only the best attorneys to ensure that your rights are protected and that compensations are distributed as needed. If you have been the victim of a car accident that wasn’t your fault, it is likely that the compensation you will receive through the car insurance may not be sufficient.

Finding yourself unable to work for an extended period as the result of an accident is a serious financial handicap. Car accident lawyers might seem expensive at first, but they are specialised in reducing your financial struggle and maintaining your lifestyle.


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Avoiding Expensive Car Maintenance?

The larger workforce, Millennials, is also one of the largest driver populations. According to a RepairPal survey, Millennials are not maintaining their car. They are less car-conscious, which may be due to inexperience and lack of time.

Additionally, there is no denying that car maintenance is costly – parts don’t come for free – which is a reason why most young adults try to avoid it.

The time when you’d have spent your Sunday morning with your head under the bonnet is long gone: Millennials don’t have an interest in car mechanics, and they pay a high price for it. When things break, they are beyond repair. And there goes your social status!


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