The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger

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More and more people are getting the inclination to do up an old car, rather than forking out for a brand new one.

In a world where we are wasting quite a lot and are being extremely materialistic – especially when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, and how quick the process is – it’s no wonder that we are trying to salvage some of the great predecessors to the modern cars that are taking up the roads.

It’s a preservation of history of sorts, and the community is only growing.


How Much Will It Cost?

This is all dependent on how much you want to put into the finished article.

You can get a whole host of materials, such as mild steel metal sheets / plates to be able to weld over those holey places on the vehicle, for not a lot of money at the moment.

The internet definitely helps in terms of cutting costs, although you might need to visit a specialist on your car of choice to make sure that you’re getting the right items and doing it the correct way.

If you simply want to get the car back on the road rather than getting it back up to its original standard, this will obviously cost a whole lot less.


Peugeot 106 GTI Boot Rust Carwitter 007 700x933 - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger

Peugeot 106 GTI Boot Rust Carwitter 006 700x933 - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger



How Much Time Will It Take?

How long is a piece of string?

This all lies on quite a few factors: how confident you are with your mechanical skills, how much research you have done into the work that needs to be done, factoring in any mishaps or waiting on delivery for parts and a whole host more.

If you don’t look at it as a challenge to do on a timescale, there is less chance for disappointment.

Giving yourself more time to learn about the vehicle and all of its tips and tricks is something that can prove invaluable.

You’re best joining an online forum or community to help with any questions that you may have arising inside of you. People who are on the other end of a computer with the same interest are more willing to help you than you can give credit for.


China Blue Peugeot 106 GTi 001 700x465 - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger


What Can I Do With It?

The honest truth is that when most people (who do this for a living instead of a hobby) do up an old vehicle, they’re looking to sell it on for a profit. Who can blame them?

There are a lot of people willing to buy older, classic cars, and it’s not just the bigger names which have willing buyers – Fords and Volkswagens are on the rise and are becoming much sought-after cars to own.

If you have done it up for yourself, and you’ve got it to a good standard (or are trying at least to get it there), you could consider taking it to one of many car shows that happen across the UK on a yearly basis.

Either show off what you’ve done or take tips from those who are willing to share them.


2005 RenaultSport Clio Trophy Gathering carwitter 700x465 - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger - The Perks Of Doing Up A Banger




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