2015 Audi Q7 Front carwitter 700x432 - The Audi Q7 is like Jeremy Clarkson; a bit of a beast! - The Audi Q7 is like Jeremy Clarkson; a bit of a beast!

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The Audi Q7 is like Jeremy Clarkson; a bit of a beast!

20 Mar , 2015  

2015 Audi Q7 - Side - carwitter

Audi’s ‘all-new’ seven seater SUV, the Q7, ‘arrives’ in showrooms near you next month with deliveries beginning in August.

Should you care?

Well, if you’re in the market for a luxurious, classy, slightly over-the-top looking SUV, then the current Q7 is probably already on your radar.  If that’s the case then cross it off now.  Then add it’s successor.

2015 Audi Q7 - Rear - carwitterAudi have gone to town on it’s premium SUV with it’s new looks clearly setting it apart from it’s predecessor.  Significant work has been done to reduce the weight with up to 325 kilos being saved, depending on the options you choose.  That’s a lot of weight to shed.   As a comparison that’s like someone losing a significant part of their body; like Jeremy Clarkson losing his head for instance.  Oh no, wait, he already did that! Anyway, the point is that the Q7 is now a lot lighter, which, together with numerous technological developments, such as it’s clever free-wheeling function, makes it a whole lot more efficient.

A full body-colour body paint job is now standard.  This, together with new a 19″ alloy wheel design and new style large headlamps give a more complete, sharper look. Visually, the new Q7 now packs slightly more of a punch than an angry Mr Clarkson at lunch-time.

Audi have also worked some magic on the inside.    As usual, the fit and finished will be up to sector high standards.  And now both the second and third row of seats can be adjusted to maximise rear storage space should the need arise.  When re-arranged to give maximum load area, the Q7 has available 1955 litres of storage space.

audi q7 - interior front - carwitter

Being Audi, we get more improvements in the technology offerings with the MMI system, which is touch control, allowing access to Audi control and creating a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot within the car.  We also get a smartphone interface for both Apple and Android allowing access to a whole host of on-line facilities that up-and-coming busy execs feel are essential in their busy lives.

Of course, any vehicle of this calibre wouldn’t dare deliver anything other than a premium audio system and the Q7 doesn’t disappoint. With the standard 10 speakers Bose system delivering perfectly good performance , the optional 23 speaker Bang & Olufsen seems an extravagance but if you want the best ‘3D’ sound then that’s the option to tick.

Initially the Q7 will be offered with the 3.0  TDI powerplant.  This engine offers brisk performance and can return up to 47.9mpg.  That’s good going for anything this big.  Other engine options will follow in time.audi q7 - interior front - carwitter

Audi is a car company big on safety and as such has introduced ‘pre-sense’; a system that anticipates potential collisions, warning you of them and even assisting with controlled braking to ensure minimal impact.  Other features include adaptive cruise control which incorporates ‘stop & go’ and the ability for the car to self-steer on marked roads up to the speed of 37 mph.  Furthermore, this system reads the road ahead and provides a cursory warning if you are driving too fast.

In summary, the Q7 in current form has served it’s time well, selling over 500k units since it’s launch back in 2006.  This update is a little overdue and therefore very welcome.  The Q7 is still a huge beast, which may well put some off.  But then again so is Clarkson and he’s still seems to be as popular as ever!


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