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Mercedes X Class Review

16 Feb , 2018  

When segments start to boom it’s time to cash in, it’s now Mercs turn to join the ever growing pick-up market. The X Class has been teased for around a year now, its gorgeous looking concept becoming slightly watered down in the process. Poised as the ‘Premium Pick-Up’ can it really be top notch when […]

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Mercedes X Class TV Advert carwitter 300x188 - Mercedes X-Class advert is trippy... - Mercedes X-Class advert is trippy...

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Mercedes X-Class advert is trippy…

11 Dec , 2017   Video

So someone was either on acid, or it’s trying to appeal to absolutely everyone. As you can see above it’s certainly different. Merging real life, with sci-fi, nature, sports…everything really. We’ll be driving it in a week or so, stay tuned for our thoughts. Oh, and if it J Turns as well as it does […]

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Mercedes X Class Front 300x200 - Mercedes Reveal the X-Class Pickup Truck - Mercedes Reveal the X-Class Pickup Truck

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Mercedes Reveal the X-Class Pickup Truck

20 Jul , 2017  

Mercedes have revealed their first ever pickup called the X-Class. The X-Class provides the typical functionality and robustness of a pickup but manages to put the premium Mercedes stamp with the design, comfort and driving dynamics. Whilst being a completely new model for Mercedes, it’s still has the familiar Mercedes style with the large star […]

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