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Gold bars found in Northamptonshire inside ex Gulf War tank

12 Apr , 2017  

Do you remember the time we crushed a car with a tank? Well, those guys (Nick & Todd from Tanks-ALot) found what’s thought to be £2,000,000 in gold bars in a used tank, in a plot straight out of Three Kings. The tank in question was purchased for £30,000 off eBay. This whole find was […]

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I crushed a car with a Tank! – An average Saturday

12 Oct , 2014  

So it’s not every Monday morning that you receive an email asking if you want to drive over a car with a tank…who could turn that down?! Agreeing within 30 seconds of receiving the email I then read past the first few sentences. MoneySuperMarket are helping to crush car insurance quotes along with the new […]

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