00 300x200 - Lexus LC500 Unveiled At NAIAS - Lexus LC500 Unveiled At NAIAS

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Lexus LC500 Unveiled At NAIAS

11 Jan , 2016  

You could first gaze upon the newly unveiled Lexus LC500 Coupe and be forgiven for not quite knowing where it sits in the market, or indeed whether it is another iteration of the poetry inspiring LFLC concept from which it has spawned. As I write this now I’m reading tweets like “S Class Coupe beware”, […]

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850456524882067668 300x200 - Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Debuts At NAIAS - Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Debuts At NAIAS

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Debuts At NAIAS

12 Jan , 2015  

The story of Alfas 4C has been a troubled one. Not behind closed factory gates; the concept and its development turned out to be a somewhat straightforward process compared to some awkward performance forays in recent years (Lexus LFA). The 4C has had a difficult public life; accruing both critical acclaim from some and jolly […]

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20815193291022643403 300x128 - Ford GT Concept Revealed - Ford GT Concept Revealed

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Ford GT Concept Revealed

12 Jan , 2015  

The rumour mill has been girding its loins regarding the possibility of a successor to 2005’s iconic Ford GT. The fire was fuelled a few months back when Ford merged its various skunkworks divisions into a single entity- Ford Performance- and then stated it would be responsible for no less than 12 fast Fords by […]

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