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Ford GT Concept Revealed

12 Jan , 2015  


The rumour mill has been girding its loins regarding the possibility of a successor to 2005’s iconic Ford GT.

The fire was fuelled a few months back when Ford merged its various skunkworks divisions into a single entity- Ford Performance- and then stated it would be responsible for no less than 12 fast Fords by 2020. An image then ‘leaked’ of a potential logo for FP depicting a silhouette of a GT-like vehicle.


We awaited with baited breath for the mysterious model to make its rumoured Detroit debut and now we have a reveal. A concept for now; the new GT is said to be powered by a 600bhp ‘ecoboost’ turbocharged V6.

The styling appears to be a perfect amalgamation of revolution and evolution with influences of its illustrious lineage plain to see, whilst also being dramatic and reworked enough to easily be considered an “Ultra High Performance Supercar” in 2016.

The same goes for the interior with an “F1 inspired” steering wheel and full digital configurable instrument binnacle combined with a simplistic dash that trails off toward the passenger side. The same air of ergonomic deliberation from the 05 GT lives on.



Ford has made no enigmas regarding its intentions for this car. It is absolutely intended for production in 2016. Woking and Maranello should be nervous. More on the GT concept as we get it. 


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Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp