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A Year Without F1

A Year Without F1: Race 10 – Japanese Super GT

14 Jul , 2014  

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While F1 fans the world over head to, and tune into the German GP at Hockenheim, we are off again! This time to the far east and Sugo, Japan for the Japanese Super GT series.

The Japanese Super GT Series is essentially a Japanese version of the DTM series with both championships now having agreed to run to the same set of technical regulations from this season forward, thus furthering the possibility of an event in the future featuring both championships on track!

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That will have to wait however and so, for now we will have to make do with two separate series.

The JSGT series has another similarity with the DTM in that it is mainly contested between the 3 main “powerhouse” manufacturers of the country (Toyota – choosing to promote the Lexus brand, Honda and Nissan) and, as a result there is some fantastic machinery on offer, how does a grid of NSXs, GTRs and Lexus RC-Fs sound?

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Sounds Great, anything else?

Oh yes, there is also a second class – GT300 for GT3 spec cars, these are more regulated and closer in appearance to the road going versions but do give good close racing for the privateer squad, gentleman driver or indeed up and coming superstar.

More GT-R’s plus Mclaren, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Honda (CR-Z this time) oh and even a Prius, among others can be found in this class.

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Ok ok so a lot of nice machinery but who’s driving them?

Well, the cream of Japanese GT drivers aside, Antonio Liuzzi (he of former Red Bull and Torro Rosso F1 fame) competes as well as former Williams driver Kazuki Nakajima. Nissan ZEOD Le Mans pilot Satoshi Motoyama competes a Nissan GTR while the Brits can cheer on James Rossiter and Oliver Jarvis, both of whom share (separate) Lexuses.

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The GT300 class also sees some familiar names, the Spanish Gran Turismo genius Lucas Ordonez finds himself in a (no surprises) Nissan GT-R, while 2004 outright Le Mans winner Seiji Ara (you may have seen his Audi R8 Le Mans car at Goodwood recently) teams up in with former ETCC and WTCC star Jorg Muller in a BMW Z4.

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Teams up with?

Oh yes, unlike DTM but like most GT racing there are more than one driver per car, and with races scheduled for between 250 and 1000 km there’s plenty of action and close racing to be seen.

Although not currently broadcast (that I am aware of) in the UK it is very easy to find full races on YouTube, just don’t ask us to translate!

And, because we’re good to you here at Carwitter, here’s one to whet your appetite, enjoy.

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