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Southcombe Cooper Driving Gloves

26 Sep , 2015  

Since I first watched Drive I yearned for a pair of Goslings gloves. They are just uber cool, and for me – being a slight Drive obsessive – I knew I would end up with a pair at some point.

Scouring the internet for a decent pair that would stand the test of time, I came across a small company based in Somerset called Southcombe.

They are a family owned and run business since 1847, the gloves are made at one of two factories in the UK where skilled cutters, makers and finishers work. These are true craftsmen and women making every single pair of gloves by hand. As a testament to their quality they also supply the Fire, Police, and Military.

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Having found a similar pair to Mr Gosling’s – the “Cooper” – in Brown I was sold. They turned up a few days later, just in time for a trip to Morgan!

The gloves are just stunning! Being unlined they are super thin and ultra soft. I have tiny hands and normally struggle to find gloves that actually fit…like a glove. But these are spot on, no extra room in the fingers and feel almost custom made.

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They feature an elasticated under cuff with a top popper clasp, this is emblazoned with “Southcombe Gloves” and the 1847 date – very smart. All the seams are double stitched, with the thumb being a completely separate cut of leather so it’s articulated just right for holding the wheel.

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They give off that unique scent that only high quality leather can create, and still a year on they smell absolutely gorgeous!

At £40.00 they really are a bargain. They come wrapped in tissue paper, inside a very nice presentation box that makes them the ideal gift.

Southcombe Cooper Driving Gloves Review - Carwitter

I have to point this out that i don’t wear these when driving normally! But when one is in a classic, or a modern classic a la Morgan, one simply must have a decent pair of driving gloves on hand.

You can check out Southcombe’s full range of gloves here.

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