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2016 Kia Pro Ceed GT Review – Still a winner

5 Aug , 2016  

Kia’s first stab at the hot hatch market was a welcome addition to the segment, they pretty much nailed all of the key points. This year they have given it a mild tweaking just to keep it fresh, we took a Yellow Flame model for a spin to see if it’s still a winner. Kia […]


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McLaren 570GT Review – THE daily sports car

25 May , 2016  

McLaren have been going from strength to strength of late, way back in 2010 the 12C brought road cars back to the fore. No longer were they a one trick pony, resigned to the history books. Fast forward 6 years and oh how the times have changed. They now have three very distinct segments in […]



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Jaguar F-Pace S 3.0 litre Diesel Review

20 May , 2016  

As most of you probably know Land Rover have been part of Jaguar for a fair old time now. Together JLR have gone from strength to strength, especially when it comes to big beefy 4×4 sales. So it seems strange that Jaguar are launching their first SUV, after all they have the market pretty tied […]



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2016 Mazda MX-5 160PS Review

8 Apr , 2016  

Mazda’s plucky little MX-5 is a legend, love it or loathe it. When it was released way back in 1991 it revolutionised the roadster marketplace. Since then things became a bit wayward, the model strayed slightly from its core values. It became porky and more comfort orientated. The latest model aims to right some of […]


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2016 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro Review – Beast

1 Apr , 2016  

Audi’s TT has always been loved, but in this latest iteration it has gone from a stereotypical hairdresser’s car into something a lot more butch. Now in its third incarnation everything has become tighter, more finessed. Gone are the large bulging headlights, sculpted angular lines replace and cut off circular ones. It’s more masculine. It’s […]


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Nissan GT-R Nismo Track Pack Review – Godzilla still got game

6 Feb , 2016  

The Nissan GT-R R35 is actually quite old, isn’t it. For perspective, it first turned a wheel on UK roads around the same time the then new Ferrari F430 Scuderia did. Yet like a fine wine, R35 seemed only to get better with age. In its initial sub 480bhp form we were told of a […]


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SEAT Leon Cupra 280 Review – Ultimate hot hatch

18 Jan , 2016  

When people think of a hot C segment hatch the default thinking is Focus ST or Golf GTi. But VAG offer something more potent than a GTi, not quite as quick as an R, and less money than an S3. The SEAT Leon Cupra 280. Fitted with the VAG mainstay, the 2.0 litre turbo charged […]


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2016 Jaguar XF Review – Watch out BMW

6 Dec , 2015  

If I were to personify the XF, I’d be inclined to think of a rather famous fictional secret serviceman in his last two incarnations. Before he was good looking, charming, but slightly flabby and not up to Bourne or Hunt for sophisticated moves. Today we’re used to him as a tall, well built, chiselled and […]


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Nissan Juke Nismo RS Review – Refined

7 Nov , 2015  

Nissan first launched the hot Juke Nismo in 2013, it was the first fully blown Nismo vehicle to come to market. We reviewed it and enjoyed it very much, but there was one gripe…it needed a limited slip diff. That original Juke Nismo was killed off toward the end of last year, a few months […]


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Jaguar XF R-S Review – Super Saloon

8 Aug , 2015  

Jaguar have a lot to thank the XF for. When it was released in 2007 it pretty much single handedly saved the Jag brand. It bought in fresh blood, suddenly younger 40 somethings wanted one, whether they be execs getting them on lease or your average family man wanting something a bit more upmarket than […]


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Abarth 500 595 Review – Pocket Rocket

25 Jul , 2015  

  Fiat’s Abarth 500 has been around since 2009, it has always been regarded as an absolute hoot and after attending the launch of the 695 Biposto last year we had to have a go in the standard…more affordable Abarth. Starting at £14,560 our Trofeo Grey test car had beefier 17” alloys, red brake calipers, […]


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Volvo V60 Polestar Review – Savage Swede

21 Mar , 2015  

For the uninitiated Polestar are to Volvo what AMG are to Mercedes. Bred from race heritage they cook up ridiculously fast versions of Volvo’s already rapid T6 models. We have been aching to get ourselves into one for the last year; finally as 2014 drew to a close we got one to ourselves for a […]