Reliable Customers Want Reliability Too

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We hear about the reliability of some of the latest and greatest machines of the modern age in all outlets of media. It’s true to assert that manufacturers are designing cars that not only last but are platforms. These platforms are purposefully designed to be upgraded so that the newest technology can be utilised by slightly older models.

So you might think that as a driver, you’re no longer relevant in this equation. Well, you’d be wrong, because as long as cars are made for humans to drive, you’ll always play a factor.

In fact, it’s reasonable to say you’re the deciding factor as the technology is merely at your disposal. How you use your car is totally up to you.

Driverless cars will have to wait a while, and until then, sustainable driving is squarely left in your hands; or under your right foot.


2015 Ford Focus 1 Litre EcoBoost Review Engine carwitter 700x465 - Reliable Customers Want Reliability Too - Reliable Customers Want Reliability Too


Why some rise while others fall

Everyone knows that brands like Toyota, Honda and Ford makes cars that are reliable. The average person couldn’t care less whether they had a bi-turbo hybrid, or a good old-fashioned naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder engine.

What they want is the ability for the engine to start in rain, heat, snow and after a long pause of inactivity. However, in recent years Ford has become unstuck somewhat. Their defect ratio has become higher than the average industry standard.

One the answers for this is, Ford’s main models such as the Focus didn’t upgrade and evolved as rival brands did. Now you see EcoBoost engines being put into models that don’t have as modern gearboxes, the technical aspects of the engine are lacking, and there’s too much reliance on smaller and smaller displacements.

Consequently, the horsepower might have gone up, but the mpg went down and more stress on the moving parts to boot. Japanese brands on the other hands have evolved more aspects of their models in unison, focusing on sustainability rather than outright performance.


Mercedes A45 AMG Badge carwitter 700x465 - Reliable Customers Want Reliability Too - Reliable Customers Want Reliability Too


Can you get a helping hand

Mercedes have been flattening the competition in Formula One. Quite simply, their turbo technology and engine design are superior to their rivals. This translates to their consumer models also. Now you can have power, speed and reliability on hand.

The Stuttgart Autos is a Mercedes-Benz service centre that offers that brings solace to their customers. No matter what engine you have whether it’s the new bi-turbo straight six, the twin turbo V8 or the big hulking turbo V12, they can fix any issue.

Brands that have this reach at ground level, who can make sure that their models stay ticking over even if customers thrash them as hard as they can, make sports cars sustainable drivers. Rather than tucking these cars away or buying such models in smaller and smaller engines, local association centres are allowing consumers to spend more money on what they actually want.

So having cars that almost show off in how small their engine types is compared to their power output, isn’t always the sustainable option.

Brands that provide their customers with the security that they won’t be left to fend for themselves if they were to make that more expensive purchase, make cars sustainable for everyday driving.


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