Planning The Perfect Campervan Trip

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When it comes to planning the perfect trip for yourself and your family there can be no better way to do it than a campervan.

If you’ve never been in a campervan on a trip before it could be the perfect new activity to try in the new year, and here is how you can make the most out of it.


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Find a campervan

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a great road trip is to find the perfect campervan. There are lots of places you can buy a great camper for your holidays, if you find one that’s out of your range you can use a specialist finance for a campervan just make sure you can pay it off in manageable amounts.

If you would rather rent one out for a week or so there are also places where this is an option, just do what works best for you.


Kit it out

Once you’ve got your campervan ready to go, it’s time to make sure that the vehicle is ready to drive for long distances you want the inside to be homely and comfortable.

Before you set off you need to check the tyre pressures, oil level, make sure that you have screen wash and ensure that the coolant levels are correct. Once you’ve dealt with the nitty gritty in the vehicle you will want to look into buying some home comforts for inside such as cushions and blankets as well as cooking equipment.


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Plan in advance

When it comes to making a great trip with your family, the key word is planning. Although the idea of driving off into the sunset on an impromptu jaunt can be fun, it isn’t very practical and you may end up rather lost.

Make sure to check the weather before you go and pack accordingly, plan the places you want to stop and then you can always leave some time free to try new things while you are away.


Bring lots of food

Unless you plan to eat at a restaurant every night during your adventure, you’ll need to bring some food along with you on your vacation.

When you are deciding on meals for a trip like this you’ll want to pick things which are easy to make and easy to store for a few days. Big batch meals like casserole, chilli and curry are ideal for this and they will last for a few days meaning that you don’t have to spend every evening cooking.


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Entertain yourselves

Travelling on the road will always have its perks, but it has a few downsides too. When you are driving in a small vehicle for hours and days on end with your family there are bound to be some arguments and boring spells.

This is why you will want to bring along some great music, board games and other forms of entertainment for the trip. If you have kids riding with you they’ll get bored much quicker than you will, so it is worth thinking up some games you can all play along with, eye spy is a great starting point.


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