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Paris Motor Show – The Concepts

29 Sep , 2012  

As with any motorshow manufacturers wheel out there most amazing and modern looking concept vehicles. Paris 2012 was no exception. Stunning vehicles from the likes of Audi, Peugeot and McLaren where all shown off.

Here are some images and details on each car.

Audi Crosslane Coupé

  • Body style unlikely to go into production
  • Parallel series hybrid petrol and electric powertrain to be in vehicles in 2 years time
  • Construction of aluminium, carbon fibre and glass fibre
  • Possible of 256mpg
  • 50mile range on battery alone
  • 1.5 litre petrol engine

Audi_crosslane_coupe (1024 x 681)

Audi_crosslane_coupe (1) (1024 x 681)

Peugeot 2008 Crossover

  • Rival to Ford B-Max
  • Will go on sale this time next year
  • 98% what the actual 2008 will look like
  • Luminous green isnt in the final colour palette!
  • Nor are the alloy wheels

Peugeot_2008 (1024 x 681)

Peugeot_2008 (1) (1024 x 681)

Suzuki S-Cross

  • S-Cross is purely a study showcase
  • Something similar to this will appear next year
  • Actual model will be built on a new platform
  • 1.6 litre flat diesel
  • Petrol option yet to be named
  • No clue as to the name of the production version

Suzuki S-CROSS concept (1024 x 681)

Suzuki S-CROSS concept (1) (1024 x 681)

McLaren X1

  • Actual car, has been built for an “anonymous” car enthusiast
  • Everything is bespoke
  • Took 2.5 years to build
  • Road legal
  • Capable of supercar speeds
  • Uses the 12c Monocell
  • 625 miles of testing in spain
  • Car was stripped and rebuilt after the testing
  • All body panels made from Carbon Fibre
  • Wheels are unique to the X1
  • Nose made from solid aluminium
  • Hinged covers hide the real wheels
  • 4658mm long by 2097mm wide (including mirrors)
  • 1400kg kerb weight
  • Same engine as the 12C

McLaren_X-1_concept_McLaren_34536 (1024 x 724)

McLaren_X-1_concept_McLaren_34539 (1024 x 724)

McLaren_X-1_concept_McLaren_34538 (1024 x 724)

Peugeot Onyx

  • Purely a concept
  • Uses carbon, felt copper and “newspaper wood”
  • Hints at future production models
  • Onyx is a “symphony of different materials”

Peugeot_Onyx (1024 x 681)

Peugeot_Onyx (1) (1024 x 681)

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