Now Is Time To Think About Winter…

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It’s only just started to get warmer and summer’s on its way – so what gives? Thinking about winter now is surely just a downer, right? Well, not necessarily.

Getting prepared now while the going’s good and you’ve got the chance to get everything ready (and most likely costing you a lot less) is the way to go. So what do we need to look at stocking up on for our vehicles?



It’s pretty apparent that certain tyres are just made for snow, and others not so much. Changing your tyres dependent on the season shouldn’t be seen as obsessive and/or pedantic, but a vital thing to do to keep both you and your car safe.

In terms of looking around for what your money can get you, you need to think about whether these are the best snow tires money can buy; remember that you are putting your safety in the snow into the hands of these rubber implements.

Don’t skimp on your purchase and they won’t skimp on you. Look for some good recommendations and reviews online and see what others have to say about the product before you invest.


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Spare Fuel

Some of us carry a spare can of petrol or diesel in our car for when we get stuck, but getting stuck in the snow is another thing entirely; it’s harder for other vehicles, including those that are able to tow you away, to get out to you.

If you are pulled up due to a lack of fuel, you have nobody but yourself to blame. It is one of the most preventable problems that happens to car users out there, and can be one of the most damaging things to happen to your engine.

You are more likely to run out of fuel in the winter than you are the summer – the natural expansion of the gas in the summer helps it to last for just that little bit longer (not much, mind you, so don’t be going crazy).



Always carry some spare cash with you. You never really know the value of money until it’s the only thing that you need. Money speaks in every situation. If you need somebody to help you get out of a ditch, you can’t promise them a bank transfer or offer them your card – but a couple of notes in their hand will certainly do the trick.


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These are great to have in your car at any time of the year – brilliant in the summer for picnics, but also a blessing to have in the winter to keep you warm should you break down and be waiting for help.

We all know how long it takes for a car to heat, especially when it’s still on the roadside, but if it doesn’t have the option to do that then you need a way to keep yourself at a good temperature – especially if you’ll have to be getting out to move your car elsewhere sometime soon.


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