Nissan Leaf Rally Car Hits Charging Issues

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If you hadn’t already heard a Nissan Leaf is attempting the Mongol Rally this year. Chris Ramsey and his wife set off from Goodwood 5 days ago, their final destination will be Siberia.

The journey will take 10,000 miles and with a charged range of roughly 150 miles it’s going to be a challenge…

But before Chris even left the UK he encountered problems. Two charging stations didn’t work, luckily Ecotricity and a randomer helped him out.

The second day heralded yet more charging woes. In Germany Chris had problems where yet another charging station was out of action. The next one he came across didn’t have the right plug type for UK vehicles, and with range getting dangerously low at 13 miles until the next charge point, things became touch and go.

Thankfully with lots of downhill sections and some luck Chris got to the next charging point just as the battery hit empty.

Chris said:

The reliability of charging stations could be improved! There’s several apps showing where they are, but not one that makes it simple, with live updates of which stations are working. This is what we need.

It’s now day 6 and the Plug In Adventures team have made it to Romania, with their RFID charge card in hand progress seems to be smoother.

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