Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE

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These past couple of years have been rather exciting for Jaguar.

Off the back of a wonderfully successful reinvention with XK, XF and XJ the next big model push has kicked off beautifully with the seminal F-Type.

But not since the gaunt X-Type has Jag played in the lower leagues. Where there is real money exchanging hands in a segment catering to a rabid family post premium executive audience. So as Jag tentatively pulls back the sheet on this first C seg’ foray in 15 years, with the help of Emeli Sandé, its worth debating whether its all about that pretty, if somewhat familiar face or whether there’s something more serious going on under the skin.

Has Jag brought ‘it’ in terms of technology and engineering this round, as much it has style all these years.

Jag must be spending big bucks enlisting such a fleet of stars as Mark Strong, Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, Lana Del Ray and now Emeli Sandé so by my reckoning a product that lives up to the high profile push is essential. I’d comfortably wager the short answer as to whether they’re stringing something real together under the skin is an unwavering yes.

Lets talk platform. Developing in close conjunction with and thus benefitting from the profits of sister company Land Rover as well as parent TATA, Jag for the first time in yonks has had a veritable pot of gold with which to splash on XE from the ground up.

Jaguar XE Preview Graphic carwitter 491x389 - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE


The result is what they are referring to as the Advanced Aluminium Architecture. Sharing much of its underpinning with the upcoming SUV as well as XF replacement, a strong backbone for this generation of big cats is essential. Indeed the structure is said to comprise of 75% of a new grade of Aluminium- a large portion of which is recycled material. Jaguar promises a lighter, sharper, stiffer and more advanced product than any of the rivals in its segment. Bold words.

Jaguar XE Chassis carwitter 491x205 - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE

Powertrain wise Jag and Lander Rover have allegedly worked their fingers to the bone. An area where they’ve just about kept up in the past, is claimed to be right at the forefront of refinement, power and ever more importantly today, efficiency.

Jaguar XE Emily Sande Front carwitter 491x309 - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE - Jaguar Slowly Pulling Back The Sheet on the XE


In the latest mugshot with Miss Sandé we spy an S badge. Likely indicative of an F Type sourced porky if a bit juicy supercharged V6. The real news however resides somewhere further down the XE Range. The cringe worthy brochure bumph word is ‘ingenium’ but the new expandable engine ranges prevalence is undeniable. Though the name isn’t quoted as yet with regard to XE, Jaguar claims the most economical variant in the models range produces astonishing figures of 75 UK MPG and less than 100 g/km of C02. These we can only assume are best associated with the new lightweight modular engine architecture that claims an 80 kg saving over todays equivalent lumps.

With the dynamic prowess of the XEs somewhat technologically handicapped lineage and kin in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to experience that unmistakable character in a big cat without compromise- and one that many more can afford.

Jag talk the talk with an ad campaign of unprecedented breadth and we think that when the time comes, XE will walk the walk. The only question mark for me lays in where the cars ICE systems lay on a scale of relic to next gen. There are very few that get it right. I hope XE is one of them.

In the meantime we can only count down the days until we… as the Jag marketers would have you say… #feelXE…



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