How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Selling

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We asked leading online car selling platform, Tootle, for their top tips when it comes to getting the most money from your old metal. Here’s what they said.

The second-hand car market has continued to soar over the last 12 months, so if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, it’s worth taking a bit of time to ensure it stands out.

There are some really simple tips and tricks that can both maximise your motor’s value, while ensuring the selling process goes as quickly and simply as possible.

Buyers will be interested in whether the vehicle looks like it has been cared for in its life: Is it clean? Does it have any bodywork faults? And are there any under the bonnet issues?

It’s worth noting that if your car or van is a newer or more expensive model, sorting out any bodywork issues can really add value. If it’s an older model, knocks and bumps are expected, so fixing these issues in advance of sale can sometimes give you less of a return.


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Deep Clean

Over the course of your vehicle’s life, it will have collected dust, dirt and general wear and tear. When selling to a dealer, they’ll have to give the vehicle a full valet after they purchase it and removing any smells and serious dirt will reduce the level at which the buyer will have to service the car or van.

It may seem like a pain but giving it a clean, cared for look will add around £100 to your vehicle’s value.


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Health Check

Dealers will give a newly acquired motor their own health check but doing your own before sale can make a big difference – it will cut down on the work the buyer will have to do post-sale.

You’ll want to start by making sure the tyres are correctly inflated before checking the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels are all up to standard. Then, check that your lights are working fully and that there are no reasons for a warning light to flash up on your dashboard. Finally, ensure there is a spare tyre if your vehicle carries one and that it has the legal tread depths.


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To Repair, Or Not to Repair?

When it comes to repairs, making the decision as to whether it’s worth it can be hard. Minor things such as windscreen chips are usually cheap and can be repaired on your insurance without effecting your no-claims discount.

Other cheap repairs that can make a difference include repairing damage to your wheels and touching up any scratches. With bigger repairs, you’ll have to consider the age and model of your car or van, evaluating whether it’s worth spending the money and if you’ll get a good return on the spend.


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Added Bonuses

To make your car even more attractive to potential buyers, dig out evidence of your full-service history as this can prove that your vehicle has been well maintained. Also, if it is due for a MOT, getting a new one before sale may be worthwhile as a new MOT certificate adds value to buyers.


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