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Honda FCEV Concept

26 Nov , 2013  

Honda FCEV Concept carwitter 491x347 - Honda FCEV Concept - Honda FCEV Concept

Honda last week debuted there latest concept the FCEV, they say it points toward the future designs of the manufacturers fuel cell vehicles being launched in 2015.

Honda FC STACK carwitter 491x327 - Honda FCEV Concept - Honda FCEV Concept

Due to advancements in tech Honda are planning to package the hybrid system fully in with the engine. They are able to do this by increasing power density by 60% while reducing the size of the stack by 33%. Apparently the concept can travel 300 miles and be refuelled in just 3 minutes.

It looks very much like Volkswagens XL1, hopefully we will see more manufacturers take this route as i love the futuristic styling!

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